Weekly Dispatches 28 June

Written by AHQ

28 June 2013

Greetings all!  Exciting news!  Today we received our first photo from HMAS Newcastle so I couldn’t wait to share it with you, as otherwise you would have had to wait till Tuesday to see it (because of other scheduled posts) 

Hi Sue (F),
Thank you so much for the lovely quilt, laundry bag and letter that I received in the mail. It was such a nice surprise to receive such a useful present that is now keeping me warm at night and taking pride of place on my rack as you can see by the picture attached below.
Please let me assure you and the rest of the volunteers who spend their time making quilts for deployed personnel that it truly makes such a difference to know and feel that the Australian public is at home behind us.  
All the best from the high seas! 

I wonder if he could teach my boys to make their beds that neatly!

Ok, so on with the Weekly Dispatches for this week.

The tally so far-

30 quilts this week and 21 laundry bags.

691 quilts and 1384 laundry bags for 2013

1698 quilts and 2758 laundry bags in total.

Angela’s creation as modeled by Amy!

and now the straight version

Angela travels to Thailand on occasion and she knows where to shop.  Check out this gorgeous Thai fabric on the back.

two more by Angela

Bev made this using a tea towel donated by her sister!  

Chelle, our Postmistress from the Sinai (see here if you do not know what I am talking about) made and sent off the next three quilts.  You have seen the pink ones before but the photos weren’t great so here is a better look at our new quilter’s masterpieces.  Another new quilter is hooked!

Cheryl D made these next two quilts and allowed me to personalise them with the snow boarders.

Debbie created this one and was

ably assisted by gorgeous Estella who also drew the picture to include and cut out the initials for the laundry bag. 

Gee, I could use an Estella!

Florence is new to Aussie Heroes and sent off her first quilt.

Jill Maree sent in this quilt top and it was beautifully quilted by Kim.

I made this for a fellow Sandgroper 
(that means someone lucky enough to be born in Western Australia for those overseas readers who may not know)  The state colours of Western Australia are black and gold and the state bird is the Black Swan.



Judy D

Julie Ann


Karen B was given some Avons goodies and some puzzle books and so sent off some laundry bags with some extra goodies included.


Michelle’s first foray into Aussie Heroes has yielded two simple yet striking quilts modeled on the jerseys of the respective football teams. 


Rita C created this one for a Nacar fan who has received it and just loves it.

got to love the backing fabric.

Rita M created this lovely – the photo does not do it justice.

Our HMAS Newcastle Chaplain’s wife,Sarah and family, created the next two quilts.  Part way through their effort Sarah’s 28 year old singer sewing machine, given to her by her husband as a wedding present, gave up the ghost and HAD to be replace.  Oh what a pity!  Let’s just say, Sarah and the family are REALLY enjoying the technological advances 28 years have brought to the world of sewing machines!

The front

and the back!


Stephanie T had some fun with baby football supporter singlets.

She also had some fun with some scraps.


And Kay’s Girls, created this awesome quilt top which Stephanie quilted.  

 And Stephanie D brings up the rear with this perfect surfer’s quilt!

Till next time………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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    That was a feast of amazing quilts.


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