Weekly Dispatches 23 October 15

Written by AHQ

23 October 2015

I thought once the dinner was over things might quieten down a bit….. LOL…I was wrong. Sewing day in Penrith tomorrow.   If you haven’t already, let me know if you are coming.

1310 quilts and 1839 laundry bags for 2015. 

4892 quilts and  7296 laundry bags in total.

This first quilt is one of our Block of the Month Quilts.  I added the propellor to personalise it for the recipient.

Carol B 

Anne H 

Cath W

Dianne R, Dot M and Heather D

This quilt top made by Lynn and completed by the Queanbeyan CWA ladies. I then added the aircraft to personalise it for the recipient.



Made by Helen from Sale but I have no contact for her so if you know her (or if you are her) please get in touch so that I can pass on feedback from your gorgeous quilts and laundry bags.
Janet T

Jenny and Gale

Jan-Maree and quilted by Liz B.  The Wallabies logo, NSW Police Motto and Rising Sun were embroidered by Michele. 

Katrina and I both made half the blocks for this quilt as the recipient is a friend of hers. I then put them together and Liz B quilted it for me. 

Jo B (top and bottom folded to hide personal details 🙂 )


 This was a donated quilt top which was quilted by Leonie and bound by Julie Ann
A North of the Yarra Quilt top that was quilted by Leonie and bound by Julie Ann

Kate K 
Kay C

Kay H 

Leah D

Lisa K 

 Lynn created this quilt top using signature blocks of several Aussie music icons like Jon Stevens, Jimmy Barnes and so on.  Lisa N quilted it. 
Lynn created the quilt top and Stephanie T quilted it.

Lynn created the quilt top and Debbie quilted it.  Embroidered panel by Cheri.
This is one of our Mystery Quilts.    The blocks were sewn by Laura, Joanne HS, Diann N, Pam H, Dorothy, Katie L and Di B.    Lynn put the top together and Tess J quilted and bound it.  Great job ladies.


Lynn created this quilt top and it was also quilted and bound by Tess J 

Marg R 

Michelle Mc
Norma created this quilt top and Lisa N quilted it. 

The North of the Yarra created this quilt top and Anna N added the surfers and completed it. 

Patsy Hanson created the top and Lisa N Quilted it.

Rita M 
 Ruth P

Sue G
Val Mi (Front)

(and back)

Wendy F  
Wendy H 

Lots of gorgeous quilts and laundry bags there. 

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching.

Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Sue Niven

    Absolutely Fabulous! Wow, such a lot this week.

  2. Jacqui D

    Fantastic work everyone….what talent eh? Wonderful!


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