Weekly Dispatches 19 July

Written by AHQ

19 July 2013

The tally so far.  

35 quilts this week and 27 laundry bags.

828 quilts and 1554 laundry bags for 2013.

1835 quilts and 2920 laundry bags in total.
Woo Hoo – only 80 more laundry bags and we will have sent 3000.

Greetings all!  Don’t forget it you are emailing me this weekend you might have to wait a little for a reply as I am away socialising for the weekend but the laptop and phone will be keeping me company so I will be keeping an eye on things.   I just may not be quite so prompt with me replies as you are used to.  

Some gorgeous quilts and laundry bags heading out this week.  Please don’t forget, if you are posting to HMAS Newcastle we REALLY want to get every last parcel in the mail NO LATER than Friday the 26th and the earlier the better.

So now on with the show.

Sarah and family have been sewing again.


The backing is lovely hand dyed fabric by Judy C.

Anne D

Diana P





Lynn pieced the top and Stephanie T quilted it. 

Another two quilt tops by Lynn, applique by me, quilted by Stephanie T

Michelle C

 Pat F

The Penrith Ladies pieced the blocks, Laurel added to them and put the top together and Stephanie T quilted it.

Rita M

and a close up of the centre!


Judith R

Top by Louise, quilted by Stephanie t

Quilt top by Lynn, applique by me and quilted by Kym

Check out the quilting by Kym!

Thanks Kym!



Nicky’s first ever laundry bags!

Kiwi Karen and I pieced this one during a Penrith Sewing Day and then I quilted it and sent it off.

For someone who like camping this was the perfect backing with thanks to Stephanie D

More blocks pieced by the Penrith Ladies but this time put together by Ruth and quilted by Stephanie T


And Laurel 🙂
Diane F

Stephanie T

Sue N

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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  1. Sue Niven

    Fabulous quilts and laundry bags! Love the total so far, Brilliant stuff!


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