Wagga Christian College Defence Force Day

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7 December 2016

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to be invited to take part in the Defence Force Day at the Wagga Christian College.  Children from Years 5 to 8 were exposed to various aspects of service life from drill, to PT and much more. Aussie Heroes was invited to come along to talk to the children about how we support our troops whilst on deployment.  I have each class a run down on what we do and why and then asked each student to decorate a square of calico.  

Some of the classes were instructed that their blocks would be going into a quilt with an air force theme, a navy theme or an army theme….

One class was given a tri service theme…. 
The children had the option of creating whatever they wanted…

Or they could trace around a template, we had aircraft, an anchor and Aussie animals.

I loved seeing how creative the children ended up being….

Sometimes they would sit down, stare blankly at their square and you would think that they were not going to do anything… but sooner or later…. they all got into it….

All of the blocks will be made up into quilts.   I am not sure where all of them will go but the first to be finished is a quilt made especially to hang in the hospital in Kabul where we have a contingent of Aussies working. 

Others will go to RAAF Base Wagga’s Chaplaincy Centre… to the Joint Operations Command, to the Air Task Group and to HMAS Cerberus.

Wherever they go, the bright children’s artwork and encouraging messages will be sure to put some smiles on faces…

I will share pictures of the resulting quilts as soon as I have them. One is going to be posted off this week in the hopes that it will get to Kabul before our current Aussie medical team comes home.

Great job kids. I hope you can all find your blocks. I think they look fabulous!

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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