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Written by AHQ

5 March 2013

Hi all.
Last Friday when Caroline (Deputy Nut) and I were working together we created some BOM kits.  I am hoping one of you will put your hand up for each of these to help me out.  Let me know which one you would be interested in completing and I will get it off in the mail to you.  You can either complete it to quilt top stage and then send it back to me or you can complete the quilt and let me know when you need a name for it.  None of them are allocated as yet so there is no set deadline……..but tomorrow will do…..LOL!  Okay well maybe not.

January BOM 1
no border required

January BOM 2
no border required

January BOM 3
border fabric provided

February BOM 1
Border fabric required
Feb BOM 2
Border required 
(and yes I know one block is the wrong way but I didn’t see that till now)
With all the kits there is no requirement to put them together the way we have arranged them  – that is just a guide and so that you can see what is there.  If you are going to sew them you can do so anyway you like.  I have to say I LOVE these February blocks!  So much fun and so colourful.
Don’t forget that Easter is coming up in a few weeks.  If you are sending off quilts and laundry bags you might like to send off a packet of Easter eggs instead of, or as well as, your normal treats.  I recommend that you look for the candy coated eggs as they have the best chance of holding their shape in the heat.  It is starting to warm up in Afghanistan and Dubai about now so this is probably around the time we should start sending something other than chocolate after this.

This might not be a grati-Tuesday post but a little bit of a thank you goes a long way so here are some to enjoy.

Dear Wendy and Nan 

I just got back to Afghan after a couple of weeks away and was delighted to find your package waiting for me.   Thank you very much for the laundry bag and the swallows are lovely. One of my bosses at work came into my office today looking for a calendar so I gave him one, it was pretty good timing. 

I work as the admin clerk for the Engineer Squadron, I am really enjoying working with them I have in Darwin, then Adelaide and now overseas. 

Thanks again it is much appreciated. 

Wendy and Nan included a couple of bargain calendars in their parcel, one to keep and one to give away.

Hi Annette,
I have just arrived on deployment in Afghanistan and have inherited a laundry bag made by you (one of my Captain’s has the others). The soldier who passed it on said, it can all so be use as a pillow case.  I love the design and the colours that you have used (hopefully I can pass these onto the next Soldier/Airman/Seaman) On behalf of not only myself, but others that are here in country, we thank you for your support and gifts.

Dear Liz and Brian,
 Thank you for your lovely quilt,which I received in February. I was overwhelmed to receive such a generous gift.
I wanted to write to tell you how much I appreciate the amount of work that you have invested into completing not only the quilt itself, but the intricate detail and design.
I was especially impressed by your decision to include a pig, as this is the unofficial emblem of the 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment. It was la lovely touch, as it holds a special significance for me. Your quilt is a gift which I will  treasure long after my service in the Australian Army is completed.

Don’t forget that the next Penrith Sewing Day is coming up.  I hope you can make it and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Penrith Patchwork
97b Henry Street, Penrith.
Sunday 17 March 
10am to 2pm
BYO sewing machine and tools, lunch and snacks and coffee mug.
We will be sewing laundry bags and I will provide all the fabrics.

Just before I go, I wanted to share this exciting message that Sue P posted on the facebook page today – 

Just had a phone call that has made my day… From a soldier who has returned from overseas that I sent a Quilt and Laundry bag too… Was a wonderful call, he rang to say thank you and to tell me how much it meant to him… Now we are planning on meeting up together… Little things like this means the world and makes it all worth while… Keep up the kind work quilters… Every quilt and or Laundry Bag does make a huge difference… 🙂

Talk about a red letter day for Sue!

Till next time………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Joy Belle

    Hi, I am more than happy to sew up some of these bom's – I can even add border fabric for those that need it. Regards, Joy in Mill Park Melbourne

  2. Gina E.

    Hi Jan Maree, Yeah, I'm still reading your blog, and the messages from our troops bring tears to my eyes. Although I can no longer make the large quilt tops for you due to a chronic health issue with my spine, I'm glad I was there at the beginning, and able to make a couple which hopefully have gone to appreciative homes! All I can do now (physically) is make cot quilts for a cousin who works with displaced people in Papua NG, for the babies who are freezing to death on mountain tops where they have been forced by the mining companies. So while I can't do any big quilt tops for your blokes and gals, it is great to see the increasing and ongoing support from so many Aussie sheilas out there. Good on you all, and special hugs to you, Jan Maree.


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