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7 November 2013


Hi All,
So what do you think of our second quilt made from the Raffle blocks?  I hope you don’t mind but I am not going to ask the quilters to finish this one in time for the dinner as well.  There are other quilts that need to be done so that they can go to personnel who are deployed for Christmas.  I will get it finished off after Christmas and we might offer it as a Silent Auction in the New Year.  Lynn had taken a few blocks and put them on the backing for the first quilt but we decided that with some of the clever quilters we are blessed with it would make a lovely quilt top so that is quilt number three.  Believe it or not there are still some blocks left over so we will have a fourth quilt as well.

We had some exciting news yesterday that I can now share with you.  When the Money Honey donated the pendants he bought in Kandahar to be used as prizes he wrote and told me they were on their way and he said that I wasn’t to worry and think he had spent lots.  Basically he could get a bargain in Kandahar.  Then when he knew I had received the parcel he wrote 
“If I could get you to take the jeweler to a jeweler and confirm authenticity, that would be appreciated.   I don’t think its worth getting them valued, however if the jeweler gives you an idea of what they could be worth, that would be good.    If they give you an estimated value, I think you might be surprised.”

Well, I tried to get them assessed here in Sydney but didn’t really have much luck so Angela suggested that I send them up to her in Brisbane as she has a friend who is a jeweler.  Let’s just say it was good I was sitting down when she told me what he said.

The jeweler assessed them to confirm that the stones are authentic rubies.  Next  a replacement cost was determined if the pendants were to be replaced here in Australia including labour and using synthetic stones.  

For the large pendant the replacement cost would be $985

And the replacement cost for the heart shaped pendant that is the prize for the laundry bag Challenge would be $635.

Lets just say that that is way more than the Money Honey had imagined 
and he is absolutely delighted.

So, is this enough to entice you to buy a raffle ticket or two or to get stitching on a laundry bag?

If so, then this is what other goodies you could win in the Raffle.  

How about a genuine Aussie Hero Quilt?  
The Second Prize is the gorgeous ruby pendant shown above.  

Third Prize is a voucher for $200 towards a QANTAS domestic air travel ticket courtesy of Spencer Travel.

And finally the Crafters Clock which will  be made by Sue N in the 
winners favourite colour.  Just what we all need – extra hours in the day!

There may be more prizes to come. I am just awaiting confirmation.  Stay tuned.
So how to buy tickets……


Please make your payment via direct deposit (EFT) to
Bank Account Name – Aussie Hero Quilts (and Laundry Bags) 

Westpac Dural Branch   

BSB 032376 

Copies of the deposit (EFT) receipt along with 

your name and phone number needs to be sent to Joan Carter 

so she can issue the raffle tickets.
Raffle will be drawn on 30th November.  Winners will be notified via email or phone within 48 hours.

If you want to stitch your way into the laundry bag challenge this is what you have to do.

You can make an Aussie themed one, a military themed one or a fun one.  

All laundry bags are to be sent to

Angela (Aussie Heroes)
PO Box 5411
Brendale  QLD  4500

Please do not send them to me

I don’t want to have to carry them or send them to Brisbane.

One laundry bag per person please, and most important, please include an A4 sheet of paper inside the laundry bag with your name, address and email so that we can contact the winner.  The number of winners (i.e. first, second and third) will be decided at a later date.  Also feel free to include your normal note to the recipient as all bags will be sent off straight after the event to my various contacts around the Middle East.  We already know we have couple of recipients attending the dinner and I am hoping one or two of them will consent to be our Laundry Bag Judges.  Any time you are ready to send your completed laundry bag to Angela just email me for her address.
And last but definitely not least!  Look what we received today!  
The first photo from HMAS Melbourne showing some quilt and laundry bag recipients.

The following ladies have sent quilts and laundry bags off this week but if you are not on the list and think you should be can you please let me know.


Jenny and Gale
Karen B
Kim M
Old Bags and the Dag
Pam Y
Rita M

Enjoy the rest of your evening – I am off, back to my sewing machine!

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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