The ANZAC Day Laundry Bag Challenge.  

Yep!  That is right!  Another challenge. 

After the spectacular Laundry Bags you all made for the Australia Day Laundry Bag Challenge I have been trying to decide which direction to head with this challenge.

Should we make it Army/Navy/Airforce?  or should we stick with Australiana?  

Well, how about BOTH!

What you need to do is make a laundry bag (or more) and it must fall into one of the following categories

Army/Navy/Airforce      or       Australiana  


They can be spare ones to send off separately to my distributors or they could be ones that are being made to accompany quilts that you are already doing.  They do not have to be posted off by ANZAC Day if you are saving them to go with a quilt – they just have to be finished so that I can post a photo.

To be included in the blog all photos need to be emailed to me no later than 10am Sydney time on the 21st of April. 
All laundry bags must have SOMETHING on them that is specifically Australian or which tie in with the military theme -you can even make some tri service laundry bags if you wish.

All laundry bag photos will be saved for posts around the 22nd and 23rd of April.   I will have to wait and see how many we get to see when exactly I will post them.  
All will be revealed closer  to time.  

There will be prizes!

I have some prizes here but if any of you followers out there would like to donate a prize please PM me.  This includes those of you who are serving.   It would be great if I could get a specific prize for the Navy bags, the Army bags and the RAAF bags and maybe something from Afghanistan or Dubai but this is as close as I will get to asking.  
So, any recipients or recipients loved ones who would like to help me there please get in touch.  Prizes do not need to be expensive, just tokens would be great.

I have a couple of Judges in mind but I haven’t asked them so that will be announced at a later date – might have to sweeten them with some ANZAC Cookies perhaps – 
home made of course!

If you haven’t made a laundry bag before, then now is your chance to give it a go!  
They are really quite easy!

We made 90 laundry bags in a week for Australia Day.
Surely we can blow that number out of the water this time!

How many do you think we can make between now 

and the 21st of April?  

Navy News

I had a great meeting yesterday with two of the Chaplains from the Navy.  As you know I never name our Aussie Heroes here on the blog and I am not about to break that rule but I thought you would like to see who I met with.  On the left we have the Fleet Base Chaplain and on the right the Chaplain of the soon to deploy HMAS Newcastle.  

I think it is fairly safe to say that Aussie Heroes is pretty well received by those in the Navy.  All is set in place now for HMAS Newcastle to send us requests when the time comes.  The Fleet Base Chaplain was particularly impressed with the variety of colour and design involved  in not only the quilts, but also the laundry bags.  I had loaded ALL the pictures of both onto my ipad and he took his time enjoying all of them as we talked.

These gentlemen were kind enough to remove their name patches so that I didn’t have to get the Tech Guru to block them out for me.

Been to the Post Office this week?
As usual here is the list of those who have sent something off this week.  If you have sent something and are not in this list please email no later than midday tomorrow to be included in the post.

Bev and Jeff
Carol S (VIC)
Cath M
Outback Debra
Deb B
Judith R
Judith M
Julie Ann

Easter Schedule
With Easter coming up this weekend I thought I would let you know when the 
posts will be up.

Good Friday 29 March – Quilts of the Week
Saturday and Sunday 30 and 31 March – no posts planned
Easter Monday 1 April – This Time Last Year 
Tuesday 2 April – April Block of the Month 
And finally something that I have been trying to avoid but just can’t put off any longer.

Last year I received a phone call, followed up with a hand written invitation to speak to a group this April. I can’t remember the name of the group – it was just a small one.  Now at the time I was worried about losing that little letter in the little envelope so I recorded all the details in the calendar on the computer.  The only problem is that now I have had my computer crash twice and it is one of those things that I have lost.  This is so frustrating because unless the group calls me up to re-confirm which is what most groups do thankfully, I don’t know where to go and when.  And I would HATE to be so unproffessional and I have no idea where to start to try and find the group!  


So, if you have asked me to come and speak please contact me.  If you haven’t asked me to come and speak – please PRAY that they do read this and contact me.  I will be repeating this regularly at the end of posts every now and then for a couple of weeks in the vain home that someone associated with the group reads it!


Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!