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14 July 2016

Still finding it hard to keep up with everything as there is so much to do to get AHQ back up and running as well as all that has to be done with our home.

Just got word today that the old house will be demolished sometime next week.  I reckon the neighbours will be glad to see the end of the smelly smokey old wreck.  We back on to 40 hectares of bush and I am sure that there are some of the bushland critters that have been enjoying the open fridge still stocked with food….. it sure smells ripe!  Another reason the neighbours will be glad to see the end of it.

I thought you needed another post so found time to edit a few more of the messages we have received.  I will try and get some of the Weekly Dispatches up tomorrow too but it won’t be all the ones that I have on file as there are too many.  I file the photos in alphabetical order so it will be the first group….  A to whatever I get up to… Bear with me, things will get to a new normal soon…..

I am also hoping to post some pics to show you what some of the money you have all donated is being spent on. The new Aussie Hero HQ is starting to take shape slowly but surely and there is no doubt in my mind that it would not be anywhere near in the shape it is if not for the help of all of you!!

I am so looking forward to Sunday as not only I, and a group of Aussie Hero Friends, will be on the wharf to welcome home HMAS Darwin from her deployment.   If you are coming along, please do say hello.  The Aussie Hero Friends will be wearing pins like these….

We will all be looking forward to saying hello to all our heroes and their amazing families!

Quick note…. the following people have contacted me and advised that they are coming along to the wharf on Sunday (note only the quilter is named).

Su J
Jean B
Kim A
Lisa K
Donna J
Bev C
Robyn W
Sue O’D
Sharon N

Leonie G

Lisa N
Sandy C
Ruth P
Lynn F
Wendy F

You need to be on the list to be allowed to enter the wharf so if you have not added your name to the list please you will not be able to attend. 

Now enjoy some of these messages…….

Good morning Jan,

Yes I did get my Quilt. It came in the mail quite some time after my laundry bag. They are both fantastic and I absolutely love them both very much. In fact I am using them both as we speak.
I sent a letter of appreciation in the mail to the lovely lady who made them for me back when we were in Dubai.
Once again, thank you and all of your team for the wonderful service that you are providing. It is a most appreciated gesture, and I wish you could see all of the smiles on faces when we were all opening our parcels.

Carla received a promised photo of her quilt this week.


Hello Sandy and Trevor,

I am normally posted to Sydney where I live with my wife and eldest son. I have three children, adults really, the other two live in Melbourne. 

I am not sure if the previous Cashier emailed you, but I wanted  to send you one just in case, and to voice my appreciation for your gift. I have been here over a month, and the whole time your laundry bag has been on display in my office as an example of what members may receive. I have had plenty of comments about how good your bag looks, the patterns and colours go together so well. Aussie Heroes do such a wonderful job. The laundry bags and quilts never sit around long when they arrive, everyone is keen to get their hands on them!

I have claimed your bag for my own. I have grown very attached to it since arriving here and I would feel strange if I let someone else take it. Thank you also for the treats you included. I have the koalas hanging around the office and the coffee went down a treat.

Thank you very much for your efforts, it is a wonderful moral booster and greatly appreciated.


Dear Anna and Jan-Maree

I am writing to say thank you for the beautiful quilt that you so kindly made for me. The amount of effort that has gone in to creating such a personal item is astounding. It truly reflects some of my favourite things which are nice memories to have during my time over here. The quilt takes pride of place on my bed and definitely adds a lot of brightness to my room! The effort that was made to get it to me so quickly really means a lot and it is a lovely feeling to know that people that don’t even know us are willing to make such memorable things that we can take home.

Thank you again Anna for the love and dedication you put into this quilt. It will be something I treasure for years to come.

Please find attached a few photos I took.

King regards


Hi  Gale and Jenny,

I recently received my quilt and just wanted to say Thankyou. The quilt looks awesome in my room, the boys are jealous. Thankyou for all the time and effort you put into it for me, it is much appreciated.


Hi Joan and Robin

Firstly, sorry I haven’t emailed you earlier, things have been pretty crazy here. I normally pride myself on being organised but not this time haha. 

Secondly, thank you so much! I love the laundry bag so much! 

I have two schnoodles (schnauzer X poodle), who love going to the puppy park. While we’re there, I love checking out the other dogs, especially the Frenchies… So it was very fitting. It is way too good to use, so I have it hanging up in my tent, providing some very needed colour to my room. 

I honestly appreciate the bag so much. Everyone I work with has received a quilt or bag from the Army of AQH members and we all absolutely love them! I had so much fun opening it up to find out how you designed it – it is definitely me – pink and puppies! 

I loved your little letter as well. Coincidentally, my husband is in the Navy too! So I thought it was fate to receive a quilt from you guys! 

We are all thinking of Jan-Maree at this time, with what her family is going through, so please pass on our thoughts and prayers to her! 

Again, I’m sorry it’s taken me a bit to get to you, but know I love the laundry bag and will show everyone I know how awesome it is. I am organising my section to get together to put a pic on Facebook as well. 

Wishing you and your family all the best. 

An extremely grateful recipient! 

Dear Jan 

I’m am proud to inform you that I have received my hero quilt and that I could not be happier with it. 

I have seen on Facebook the hardships you are currently going through right now which is truly heartbreaking.   This truly is a perfect example of bad things happening to good people. 

I received your letter too, detailing that my childhood neighbour Norma had helped create my quilt which is so cool. I think I’ll have to drop in and thank her in person for this one. 

I’m sure that your inbox is overflowing with letters of thanks and that you have a lot on your plate right now so may I once again say thanks for everything you do, I love this quilt and I can’t wait to pass it onto my children one day. 

Thank you for your service.

Kind regards 

Good Afternoon (UAE time) Jan-Maree,

I would like to start by saying how sorry I am to hear about the loss of you home yet, how glad I am that your family managed to escape unscathed.  I had close family friends lose there home during Black Saturday and understand it can be a very difficult time.  I hope some of the donations from us here in the Middle East can go, part way, to help get things back on track.

I am pleased to say that I have just received my quilt from Cathie & Ron J and am delighted!  The skill, effort and patience going in to making these quilts is incredible and I really appreciate be lucky enough to receive one.  All the themes are displayed perfectly and I love the colour combination…  this will adorn my bed both here, and at home.

Please pass on my whole-hearted appreciation to Ron, Cathie, and the wider Jackson clan.  

I hope things bounce back for you soon and once again many thanks.


Hi Jan-Maree,

I would like to say thank you to everyone for the time and effort that goes into these quilts for us overseas. I would like to send my many thanks and gratitude to Mrs Bridget R for my Laundry bag which is getting lots of use, and Mrs Carla S for my quilt which I have just received. I would also like to say thank you for the extra gifts that came packaged with the quilt and laundry bay. The biggest issue I believe I will have with these items is stopping my children arguing over who will get them when I return home. Again thank you all for the time and effort and love that is put into these wonderful gifts.


Dear Raelyne,

Good evening/good morning. By way of introduction, I’m the very grateful recipient of your wonderful guilt. It’s beautiful and was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise. Thank you so much – I truly appreciate the time and effort you’ve invested in making this quilt for me. I have attached a few photo’s – it looks great on my bed. I think the colours you’ve chosen are great and certainly remind me of the many diverse Australian environments I have the opportunity to travel through, either on holidays or on exercise with the Army.

Thank you for your letter also – I know where Portland is, although I’ve never visited there – maybe now I have a good reason.

This is my 4th (and hopefully last) deployment to the middle east. This deployment as been 10 months long. I’m not counting the days, but definitely counting the weeks to go!

Thank you also for the Tim Tams, chocolate and snakes. Tim Tams are like a currency around here, however in this case – I shared them with my team mates – who, by the way where very impressed with your quilt (and I sense quietly jealous!).

Righto Raelyne, I’d better get back to it. Thank you again for your support and your work with the Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry bags – it makes a difference! If you or your family is ever travelling through Canberra, please let me know, as I’d love to meet you, in person to say thank you.

All the very best and kind regards,


Hello Sue N ,
I must say two things right away. One is that I’m really impressed with your quilting work, it’s captured my time here perfectly and really brightens my otherwise dull tent space, Second how on earth did you manage to get that to me so quickly? From the day I filled in the request spreadsheet to the day I had a package arrive it took less than a month, which is how long some other packages take to get sent here!
It was a great surprise at the end of a long day over here to receive the package from you. The details in the quilt are amazing, I really can’t pick out a favourite part, the satellite dish, headset, rank slide, hand drawn middle east map, camels, flags, it’s all so great! So a big thank you for the work you have put into it, I know moral is one of the biggest issues people have over here, and having the support from back home really helps with that.
As I write this I am nearly two thirds of the way through my tour over here, and everyday has somewhat turned into Ground Hog Day, There are little things that make the days differ, but when I think back over a week, it kinda blurs together.
So as you would somewhat know from my request, I am running a communications node over here, which involves looking after all the Aussie computer systems and phones. I have twenty one technicians working to help me achieve this, and thus far we are making some great improvements. There is a little bit more to it, but i won’t bore you with the details.
The weather over here is warming up quickly, it’s fairly routinely in the mid 40’s during the day with a high level of humidity, but at night it usually cools right off. We are sleeping in large tents over here, but they have a basic single bed in them each and air conditioning so they aren’t too bad. We have a curtained off section which is about 2.5m square each, so once the bed, a locker, and a makeshift bedside table is in there it’s pretty cosy.
We are lucky being on a multinational base, there is always things happening and the airfield here is buzzing with activity. The Americans have a number of welfare activities they have here like base runs, poker nights, and a decent gym.
Anyway I will leave this letter, and say thank you once again. I have included a pring out of a photo with me and the quilt, and I can email you a copy if you would like too as I’ve seen a number of them up on the Aussie hero quilts website. 

A comment shared on the Facebook Page…..

I am the wife of a serving member on HMAS Darwin and I know all Ships Company appreciate the support you give them by sending your quilts and laundry bags, it makes the long deployments feel more homely. I am so sorry for the loss of your home and Head Office for Aussie Hero Quilts, I look forward to seeing some of you on the wharf as we await the arrival of our Sailors. 


Good morning Deborah,

   I received my quilt safely and I would just like to say “IT’S AWESOME!”
Thank you so much, you really hit the nail on the head with the design. I sent a photo to my wife and she loves it.

The work that you and Aussie Hero Quilts are doing for our deployed troops is fantastic, and really means a lot to us.
It helps to make these places feel a little more homely. It can be hard at times being away from our families,
but I can tell you this has put a smile on my face.

Thank you so much Deborah.


Joan H,

        Thank you very much for the lovely Laundry bag and treats you have send me. It had been a long deployment and I have been home sick, missing my wife and my 4 years old son. I was speechless the moment  I open up the parcel and every time I read the message written on the card it, tears of joy start rolling out from my eyes and keep me going for the deployment.  You support is much needed. Thank you for all you have done and keep up the great work.



Hi Joan and Robin,

I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for sending me a Hero quit and Laundry bag.
The huge amount of time must go into each quilt and bag and organising the entire process must be truly amazing and I’m not sure words can be thanks enough for so much time and effort put into your gifts.

Since receiving the quilt its been my new bedspread keeping me warm whist deployed, when I return to Australia it’ll become the new blanket for my baby girl who was born about a month before deploying. Hopefully it will keep her warm like it did me and be a connection to me whilst i’m away next time. 
But she’s not getting the laundry bag, I think thats mine forever. 

I truly appreciate the effort you put into the gifts you send us.


Hello Joan and Robin,

I am long overdue in sending a thank you note for the lovely laundry bag you sent me. I have no excuse except to say that I had a job that entailed very long hours, and I kept the note that came with the bag for me to respond to you once I returned home. I arrived back home in Canberra just under two weeks ago, to wet and cold weather very very different to the weather in the MER when I left!

Thank you very much for kind thoughts and support.  I have been so moved by the range of people who provide support to those deployed on operations – packages of goodies at Christmas time, quilts, hand made cards and so on.  I see lots of laundry bags used every week, and they are a very good way of distinguishing your washing from others when we are all competing for the small number of washing machines and dryers!

Thank you once again for your kindness,

Good afternoon Maureen

I received the quilt and all the extra little gifts that you sent to me and I absolutely loved everything.

The magazine that you sent is great to read in my spare time and has made me even  more inspired to eventually buy a Harley its always been a goal of mine,I own a 2013 Kawasaki  KX 450F that is made for riding off road it can be quite difficult sometimes  as the bike is alot bigger then me but its alot of fun,I cant wait to go home and  go for a ride with my mates as most of us own a bike.

Maureen thank you very much for the gifts its very kind of you to go to so much effort,its very appreciated that someone can go out of their way and be so thoughtful.  I plan to hold onto the quilt for a very long time it will come very handy when the boys and I go camping.  Maybe one of the days when I’m seeing  the family in Port Macquarie I  can come for a visit,I don’t drink coffee so a cold one sounds excellent!

Anyways I have to get back to work,thanks again Maureen to you and your husband. 

Kind Regard


Dear Su J,

I received the quilt in the mail today.  It is simply amazing.  When I imagined the concept I could never have imagined how well it would turn out.  I will most certainly not be giving it to my dog. 

It will hang pride of place next to my mounted shirt from Afghanistan.

On a personal note I have found service in the Army to have been an amazing and life changing experience but I have seen and endured a lot in my roll.  The reception I have received from the Australian public has at times also been hard to accept and it is people like yourself and items like this quilt that really sum up the last 11 years and really make me feel like it was all worth while.  

Thankyou so much for your efforts and please continue this service with the knowledge that it is truly and sincerely appreciated by all who serve.

Kindest Regards

Hi Denise,

Thank you for the quilt, it is brilliant!

I requested a Swedish theme, as my partner is Swedish. I was actually in Copenhagen only a week ago! I went to Sweden to visit my partner and her family during my mid-deployment leave. I recommend visiting the city of Helsingor in Denmark which is just north of Copenhagen, from there if you wish you can take the ferry to the Swedish town of Helsingborg which is a really nice city.

I am also from the country, I grew up on  a property on the Monaro near the town of Cooma, NSW. Thank you for the quilt, we all really appreciate the time and effort that goes into making them! I hope you and your daughter have a great trip to Denmark!


G’Day Joan,

First of all I would like to thank you for making and sending the laundry bag over, I was not expecting to receive one as I had only requested a quilt through the Aussie Hero Quilts.

The work that you and the rest of the people involved in Aussie Hero Quilts is second to none.

Thankyou again for doing what you do to support all the ADF members.


The following for a quilt top made by Bridget and Bev U and quilted by Keryn…

Dear Keryn,

Firstly let me thank you for the quilt that you have made and sent to me. I really appreciate the effort that you have gone to, to make the quilt. Since I received it, I have been using it every night even while travelling around Afghanistan.

I am currently due to return home very soon which I am looking forward to.

The quilt has added some much needed colour to my little room will I have been deployed and I am sure it will see much more use both at home and future deployments/ work trips away.

I have attached a photo of the quilt which is awesome, the photo itself is not the best and I was hoping to get some mountains in the background but the Afghan weather does not always allow you see them. The detail that has been put into it is fantastic. Each theme that I asked for has been included and the fact that the stitching is shaped into fish is a detail that I was not expecting. A special thank you for including the Dive helmet it is great.

The work that you and the rest of the people involved in Aussie Hero Quilts is second to none. Thank you again for doing what you do to support all the ADF members.



Dear Pennie,

Thank you for changing your mind with Jan-Maree, you have made an old soldier very happy.

I am delighted and thankful to have received the wonderful laundry bag and quilt that you have made, truly a work of art.  I am also certain that my wife will be equally delighted and excited when she get’s to see the effort that you have gone too with the ‘Dutch Theme’ quilt, amazing result that will surely warm the cockles of her heart.

My wife and I also have two grand children, the second only being born last week in Alice Springs. We will get to meet her together maybe this Christmas. Coincidentally my wife is also a Registered Nurse who works in the Emergency Department at Redcliffe Hospital, Brisbane.  

I write this note amidst your winter, a season that I will miss all together this year. Our days and nights are hot and long, but ticking along nicely. I am approximately half way through my tour. 

I truly hope that the efforts here by all Coalition Defence personnel does make a difference to people’s lives, however small or large that may be, and however long that may take.  Equally, you and others that contribute your time and effort to Aussie Hero Quilts are a special breed of people who’s efforts are very much appreciated by everyone here, thank you kindly.

I wish you, your husband and family well for the future,

Kind Regards


G’day Leanne,

First of all I just want to say how appreciative I am for the Hero Quilt, lollies and letter I received from you. The quilt itself is amazing and I love the design. Having the Regiment logo on it was a great idea and I will always have the quilt on deployment with me as I consider the item something special from home.

It’s good to see someone doing something they enjoy and have passion about it. I believe you will never truly do your best work with something unless you enjoy it and are interested in it. Like the saying goes… Pick a job you like and you will never work a day in your life. From what you wrote in your letter, I can see your passion about what you do and the quilts are solid evidence of you what you guys do well.

Everything is going well here at TG 632.

Thank you again for the quilt. It’s such a great idea and I know from speaking to everyone over here that they extremely grateful for what you guys do.

All the best.  

Hi Deborah,

First of all Thankyou so much for the Quilt and laundry bag! It is absolutely amazing you have done a wonderful job I love it. This is my first deployment so I was very excited at the thought of being able to get a quilt and I have always loved space/ufos which is why I choose the theme. The quotes are fantastic and you have put a lot of thought into them my favourite is the one from Buzz Aldrin. It is absolutely perfect as its light enough to sleep under without being too hot here in the Egyptian heat -which consists of 40 degrees + days so at night its nice to be able to lay under the quilt and still not be too not. I was having a very hard day when it arrived and when I finished to come home to the package it absolutely made my day. I have a young daughter back home in Australia and I look forward to being able to share it with her for many years to come on my return home. You have made my day and made my time here that much easier!

Thanks again

Good Morning Kay,

Thank-you so much for the beautiful quilt and laundry bag. I am truly blessed to be the recipient of such beautiful work.

We saw what has happened to Jan Maree and our thoughts and prayers go out to her. So for me to receive my quilt at this time makes it even more special. I am a mum of two beautiful young ladies,15 and almost 11. These beautiful items will be keepsakes for them. This is my second deployment, I did a tour in Afghanistan 2007/08. My husband is also in the Air Force and has done two tours of the MEAO.

Once again thank you so much for the time and effort you put into making these beautiful items for us.

Kind Regards

Good Afternoon Lynn,
Firstly thanks so much for the very very groovy quilt you have so kindly  made for me.  I LOVE it!.  It adds so much colour to my bed space.  Its funny since my time here I have seen so  many quilts be delivered, and they are all awesome. i love the fact that they are all personalised.  

Hope you enjoy the photo that i have attached.

Its funny listening to people when they receive their quilt  – all you hear is’ wow – look at my quilt’ with a few screams associated –  its a very exciting time.

I have been deployed since early February and will be heading home in early August.  I am so very excited about going home and seeing my family. My son has had a birthday and has obtained  his licence, I have missed a few key events which has been hard.  Though in saying that, i am very grateful to have been  a part of the awesome Australian contingent over here.

The weather here is out of control, we average 47 degrees, though i have been told next week we will hit 50 degrees.  I find it so hard to comprehend. 

Back home I am from Canberra and my husband tells me its minus 5 today, so i do not know which is worse. 🙂
My husband is also a serving member so being apart and away from home is common for us, but its still so hard as you know.  

Can I ask that you pass on my massive  thanks to Jan-Maree, Leonie, Julie Ann and all the other awesome ladies in the quilt team.

Once again thank you so much!
kind Regards,


Dear Kaye

I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for the lovely quilt you made and sent to me whilst I was deployed this year.
There was obviously a lot of work and love put into the making of such a fine quilt which I will have all my days.

It was so nice to go to my room at night and see something so special and personal.

The weather was cold and it was well used as well as decorative for my room.

Thank you also for the book.  Not my usual genre but my wife enjoyed it on my return.
This was a very thoughtful gift from home and very welcome when you are so far away.

The postcard was great.  With electronics taking over, you don’t receive postcards these days.

Wish you well and thank you again.

Warm regards

Dear Rita C and Family,

I would like to say a big thank you for my package I received today, the bag is great and love the material. The sweets are already doing there job giving me the needed sugar to get the work done.

Sounds like your family has been a lot of places and experienced a good bit of the world which I like to hear as I like to travel to. Can you please thank them for putting the package together too and I hope they all keep enjoying what they are doing. 

The little dog you sent looks a lot like our own dog (kelpie x koolie). His 7 months old and we got him from a dog rescue when he was 1 month old.   

Thank you again for the package and I’m sure the laundry bag will get a lot of use as its starting to warm up over here which means more washing to do.


For a quilt made by Emma S

Hi Jan-Maree,

Sorry for the late reply. Yes my quilt found me safe and sound. It is amazing and I am overwhelmed with the intricate detail put into it. It truly is an honour to receive such a beautiful quilt. 

Thanks so much! I will be forever grateful!

Kind Regards,

Till next time…………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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    Quote " Wow look at my quilt – with a few screams. " What a word picture that painted in my mind.
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