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19 September 2013

G’day all,
We have a few thank you messages to read but first I thought I would go over a few basics to do with the quilts as we have some new people in the group and it has been a while since I covered this.

Our quilts are made to a specific size.  42″ x 70-75″.  This size has been proven to work well in all the environments that they end up – on a ships rack (bunk), on the bunk beds and of course on a single bed.  If the quilts are made too big I can’t send them to the guys and girls at sea and I am not keen on sending them to someone who sleeps on a top bunk.  Also the bigger the quilt the more cumbersome to carry it around and I know that a bunch of our guys and girls are moved around quite a bit during their deployment. We need to be providing something that is easy for them to transport.  Additionally the quilts need to fold up and fit into a Bx2 sized post box.  

PLEASE NOTE – if you want to send quilt tops to me to finish then I require them to be 42″ x 70″ please.  It makes it so much easier for me if they are all a standard size.

Please use only 100% cotton batting or a 60% wool/40%polyester batting. Both these types of batting have been trialed in country and we know they do the job.  The climates where these quilts are going vary from tropical to below freezing so these quilts need to be versatile.

All quilts are to be quilted but may be tied and quilted.  Straight stitch quilting is fine as it stippling and fancier quilting designs.  Please, NO RAG QUILTS.

Binding can be hand sewn or machine sewn.  I cut the binding 2 1/2″ for hand sewing and 2 3/4″ for machine sewing.  There is a tutorial for the binding here if desired.  

The Label –
Every quilt must have and Aussie Hero Label on it as follows:

This is an
 made for an
Aussie Hero
serving OVERSEAS
with gratitude for your service.

I would appreciate it if the wording remains the same but feel free to add in who the quilt was made by etc.   I would like all Aussie Hero Quilts to be easily identifiable as such so that they become recognizable and widely known.  

Labels can be printed on printable fabric or hand written.  If you would like help with your labels you can check out the ones that Hilary has volunteered to make here.

Just few thoughts on choosing what to make.

To make the admin easier for me can you please

– acknowledge an email allocating a name for your quilt – gives me the peace of mind of knowing that you have received the message

– notify me when you have actually posted your quilt/laundry bag off by email.  Text messages and facebook messages are not as useful.  If I need to double check what you have said then I can search on the email and find it as a reference. I cannot do the same thing with a facebook message or text

– include the name of the person you have just posted to.  This is especially important if you have more than one person on your list.  I may have talked to you a number of times 
of times about your specific quilt but I talk to LOTS of people about LOTS of quilts and can’t always remember which is which.  You need to help me out a little please.

Finally, if you are having problems of any sort getting your quilt made and in the mail please let me know as early as you can so that we can get something sorted out.  I can’t help out if I don’t know and there is no need to be embarrassed – sometimes things happen, Life happens and your circumstances change.  Please keep me in the picture.

i think that is about all I can think of at the moment so how about those thank you messages.

This message was a Private Message (PM) on facebook.  For the non-facebookers that means I can read it but noone else so the person can stay anonymous.  It relates to a quilt that Evelyn sent. I always recommend that you write a letter to go with your quilt or laundry bag and tell your recipient why you are sewing for them and a little bit about who you are.  If this message does not express how important those letters are, nothing will.

Received my quilt and laundry bag today.  Best surprise ever.  The Titans Quilt is amazing but the letter the amazing lady wrote me really put a smile on my face.  You guys do an amazing job and we can’t thank you enough for your kindness.

Seriously, how often does someone say that to you?  

Hi Evelyn,

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for my quilt and laundry bag, the quilt is so amazing even better than I imagined, my room mates were a bit jealous too!

It’s such a great thing that you do, taking your time to make them for us over here and it much appreciated!

Dear Stephanie

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for my hero quilt  and laundry  bag. It is absolutely lovely and my colleagues are all quite jealous. I unfortunately have a touch of the flu at the moment and this is the perfect thing to wrap around me and make me feel better. 

Thank you so much again. The efforts you go to  In order to send us these are very much appreciated. My mother is a quilter and I’ve done a couple myself so I know the time and care that goes into them

Kind regards

Dear Julie

I would like to thank you very much for your thoughts and the laundry bag.  The laundry bag is fantastic and is being put to good use.  

The fact that so many Australians, like yourself, give your time to send gifts, cards and a few words of comfort and encouragement means a lot.  Not just to myself but to my fellow soldiers, sailors and airmen and women who are currently serving at home and abroad.  it is also these random acts of generosity and true Australian spirit of mateship which fortifies our resolve to see this task complete.  Whilst giving strength to our friends, family and loved ones that we have left back home.

Your simple gesture has been greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Hi Sue,
I’m just writing to thank you for the wonderfully mad laundry bag I just received from you,it is a fantastic little surprise especially since most of us over here have the exact same laundry bag which can become quite confusing.
Many thanks,

Dear Julie

Firstly thank you so very much for the beautiful laundry bag that you made for me.  Many of my other shipmates received their laundry bags and quilts from Aussie Hero Quilts in our last batch of mail and it was so lovely to receive gifts from Australia.  We are a third of the way through our current deployment so it was lovely to receive something from home (including Shapes!)

Note – this letter was sent to Julie via snail mail.  HMAS Newcastle is actually almost finished their deployment.


The footy laundry bags referred to here were made by Kaylee and Louise – it is nice to know the boys were pleased with them.  🙂

Hey Jan-Maree,

I haven’t received the quilt yet but the footy bags have arrived and the boys are pretty stoked! The guys with the bags have just gone back to Australia so they got here literally just in time. We send out a big thank you to everyone involved! I am sure that the quilt will be on its way and here soon.


Finally, if you have sent a quilt or a laundry bag off this week and you are not on the list below please let me know.  It is the easiest thing in the world for me to forget to add your name to the list if I get interrupted halfway through a task so always feel free to remind me and help keep me honest.

Christine C
Jan M
Julie Ann
Lisa B
Pam Y
Sue F

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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