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6 March 2015

This is an extra post – Weekly Dispatches will be up later….but this is a bit special….

This morning I called the Casula Powerhouse Museum to book myself some tickets for the Fred Smith Concert on Friday the 1st of May.  Believe it or not the Front of House Supervisor and I explained what we do and how much I wanted to see Fred, how important I think his music is.  I was really touched when she suggested that they put on a special deal for us.   

The Casula Powerhouse is giving the Aussie Hero Family a special Deal.   For a $30 package, $15 for your meal and $15 for your ticket to see Fred,  you will have an evening’s entertainment.

For those of you who are not familiar with Fred and his songs then check him out here

In July 2009, Fred was the first Australian diplomat to be posted to Uruzgan province, Afghanistan. His main job was to build relationships with tribal leaders in order to improve cooperation and understanding between the local community and the Coalition Forces, to act as a bridge between these two vastly different cultures. This put him in a unique position to understand both. He served most of his 18 month tour of Uruzgan province on the Multinational Base in Tarin Kowt and at a Forward Operating Base in the Chora Valley. Smith played regular concerts in Tarin Kowt where his songs are on everybody’s iPod.  Whilst in Afghanistan, Fred wrote a collection of powerful songs about his experiences and the realities of life for soldiers in this difficult war. These songs were released in 2011on an album called “Dust of Uruzgan”. The album won featured reviews and front pages in The Australian, 

The Sydney Morning Herald, and The Melbourne Age. “the music of Fred Smith comes straight from the front line… raw, ribald, but also capable of moving grown men to tears.”John Huxley 

Sydney Morning Herald, 28 July 2011 “In a world full of vacuous songs, Fred’s is an incredibly strong body of work”John Schumann 

“an exceptional songwriter and certainly the equal of Bogle, Walker and Schumann”Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald ‘Review of the Week’ August 2011

Here are the details….

Fred Smith: The Dust of Uruzgan  Friday 1 May, 8pm
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre 
Fred Smith presents songs from the acclaimed album Dust of Uruzgan in a show complemented by a stunning series of projected photographs from Afghanistan. 

Soldiers who served in Afghanistan have known about Fred’s music for a while now from his performances at Poppies (at the Australian War Memorial) or outside GreenBeans coffeeshop (In Al Minhad Air Base) on stages made out of packing crates with soldiers playing various instruments including drum kits made out of 82mm round boxes.

These special tickets will be available tonight.
$15 Show tickets
$15 Dinner. Roast Beef or stuffed mushroom served with roasted seasonal vegetables

You cannot book online but will need to call Reception on 9824 1121 if you are interested in attending.

If you do want to book you will need the password.  Please PM me or email me so that I can pass it on.

I am going and hopefully my husband (if he is in town) and at least one of my sons will come with me – who else will join me?

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  
Jan-Maree  xx

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