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8 September 2014

G’day all.  I am still waiting for the photos to be cleared from our visit to RAAF Richmond and I don’t want to write the whole visit up till I get them so in the mean time I thought I might share the presentations that were made to Aussie Heroes on the day. 

The photos are not clear enough for you to make out the wording as I need to keep the size of the photo small enough for those who do not have fast internet, but I will add transcriptions of both presentation below.

Commanding Officer Commendation

Aussie Hero Quilts


I commend your organisation’s tireless and exemplary performance in providing support, appreciation and an increase in morale for No.1 Combat Communications Squadron deployed members.

The process of putting together a patchwork quilt takes many hours and a lot of dedication. The work is always done willingly and without financial support.  Aussie Hero Quilts has continuously supported the men and women of No. 1 Combat Communications Squadron, past and present, who have served in the Middle East Area of Operations.

Through the tireless and dedication of Aussie Hero Quilts, you have enhanced morale to individuals who have worked in what are sometimes harsh and arduous conditions.  This increase in morale has been appreciated by commanders and has contributed to the success of Australia’s Mission.  

Thank you for your support to No. 1 Combat Communications Squadron and the Australian Defence Force.  Your dedication is of the highest order.  

MR Mammana
Commanding Officer

We were also presented with a large Commander’s Coin

The RAAF Roundel coin is the size of the normal coins so it will give you an appreciation for the size of the coin from 1CCS.

A little later I was handed an envelope which contained the proceeds of a fund raising day that 1CCS had held recently.  The money will be used to by batting (the padding that goes inside the quilts) so thank you very much to all who contributed to it.  

Whilst at 1CCS I was able to meet Lisa who had been my main point of contact for the recent group of Peacekeepers that we looked after on Operation Mazuka in the Sinai in Egypt.  Lisa presented me with this framed picture, inscribed with “OP MAZURKA 2014  – THANK YOU” and a contribution towards materials.  Many thanks to Lisa and our Operation Mazurka recipients.

SQNLDR Ryan from 22 Squadron presented this framed photograph from JTF633 
(Joint Task Force 633 is the deployment to the Middle East at Al MInhad Air Base in Dubai)

I was also given a disc with this photo on it so if your quilt or laundry bag is included in this photo please let me know and I will send you a higher resolution photo.  

Warrant Officer Thompson, the Air Mobility Group Executive Warrant Officer, presented a Certificate of appreciation on behalf of Air Commodore McDonald.


“Aussie Hero Quilts’

On behalf of the men and women of the Australian Defence Force I would like to formally recognise the volunteer work of the “Aussie Hero Quilts” team in contributing to the morale of our deployed members.  ADF members are often deployed for long periods away from family, friends and the creature comforts of home.  Your hand-made quilts and laundry bags bring a little extra warmth and colour into the lives of ADF members serving the country on operations overseas.  

Thank you for looking after us.
W. McDonald
Air Commodore
Senior ADF Officer
RAAF Base Richmond

If we had a Headquarters Building or office these would be proudly displayed for all to see, but as my home is effectively the Headquarters, I have decided to hand them all on a wall in my lounge room when all those who come to my home for sewing days and dinners can see them and enjoy them when they visit.

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 

Jan-Maree  xx


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  1. Sue Niven

    Very cool indeed! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kate Chiconi

    Why not also proudly display these on a Wall of Honour page, a sort of virtual Mess wall?


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