Quilts of the Week 9 November

Written by AHQ

9 November 2012

764 quilts and 981 laundry bags
This has been an absolutely MASSIVE week.  
LOADS of requests – are under way
 including SIXTY THREE new ones just this week and, 
thanks to ladies making quilts in preparation for Christmas mailing, 
a good number of this week’s requests have already made it in to the mail! 
FIFTY SEVEN quilts and NINETY ONE laundry bags in the mail this week!


Forgive me if I have made any mistakes with the pics or the names tonight –  I am blaming technical glitches – but in reality I have had to come up with a new method of keep track of everything.  I get loads of emails updating me but they don’t always include all the info I need so if I get interrupted and need to check back I have to scroll to find a number of emails and re-read the email trail to make sure I have the story right.  
Can you please include the FULL name of the recipient in the subject line of every email relating to them and please don’t forget to email me to confirm that you have actually posted your parcels off.

Now – there are so many quilts this week that I really can not write something personal for each of them so I have decided that I am just going to list each photo with the name of the maker/s and occasionally I will make a comment if needed.

This is one of our BOM quilts using blocks from the Month of May.  I have been saving it for a special recipient and this week I was given one.  Hope he likes it.


Chris’ group with donated fabrics

Chris’ group with donated fabrics

Welcome to AHQ Claire.
Claire sewed five laundry bags for her husband and his mates.


This is the back of the above.

The next ten quilts were made by the 
Fabric Happiness Fairies from Melbourne.  
They are awesome quilts!  Thanks ladies.

And thanks for the lovely card you sent me too Deborah!


and her double sided quilt in case you missed it earlier in the week!

Made by me, Jan-Maree,
for the Sick Bay on HMAS ANZAC.

Also Jan-Maree

combined effort Jan-Maree and Judith

Judy C

Fran T

Judy D


Julie Ann

Kathy from Duntroon.

Karen B





Thanks also for the little parcel of remnants and goodies Kristy.  Much appreciated.






And this is the back of the above!




Pam M





Sue and Aileen


Tess M from NSW

note the beer stein quilting pattern LOL!

Tess M from SA

Another new Aussie Hero friend who has made a laundry bag for her husband and tells me she is ready to go with more!

Wendy and Nan

Marg sent this link to me and I thought some of you might be interested in using it so I thought I would pass the info on seeing as it is in honour of Remembrance Day. 
This is from ancestry.com



In honour of Remembrance Day, we’ve made it even easier to discover the military heroes in your family. You can access military records from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada for FREE* until this Sunday 11 November. You can find enlistment dates, learn about famous battles and discover the unique details of military service that will help you chronicle the stories of ancestors who served their country.

Check it out here if you are interested.

And just to finish off a little bit of thank you desert.

Hello Julie Ann,

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you, I received my quilt and laundry bag in the mail the other day and am absolutely in love with them!
The style is completely me and I have been using my quilt at night as it is too warm for my normal doona but cool enough to have something comfy wrapped around me. 
(Plus its much easier to make my bed in the morning!) I really do appreciate the time you have put in to make me, someone you’ve never met, something I will now treasure for a very long time. It really means a lot that people think of us all the way out here and that you would make me something so special to keep from this time away 
Sea life has been good to me, I miss home but the months have gone quick and the best thing is I don’t get sea sick anymore! 
Once again thank you and I hope you have a wonderful Aussie summer ahead of you, we get back in January so we will get to enjoy a little bit of it as well. 
Kindest Regards, 

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Carole

    Jan-Maree, thank you so much for showing us all these beautiful quilts….I love every single one of them. They are so varied. Gives me great ideas that I hope I can do on my next quilts. -Kind regards,
    Carole, Victoria.

  2. Tarnyia

    Absolutely awesome posting of awesome quilts… well done ladies and Jan-Maree xxx

  3. Maria

    Congratulations to one and all for such a fabulous job……..

  4. Terry

    Amazing!! a huge Horray to everyone. I am so proud to be able to contribute and share with so many . Well done Jan-Maree and everyone.

  5. Sue Niven

    This has got to be the biggest post ever! Awesome job, well done everyone.

  6. Beeshebags

    Absolutely stellar work all round….fantastic news to get whilst walking round a craft fair yesterday….I got a text from JM telling me how many quilts etc had been sent out this week, and how many requests…was great to be able to tell stall/booth holders about AHQ and how many quilts had been sent off….hopefully some of them contact JM and offer their services too 🙂

    Love some of the quilts….love how the same pattern/design done in different fabrics can achieve such different looks and would be such an easy quilt for all levels of experience…by the way, I'm referring to the square and strip quilts by the Fabric Happiness Fairies.



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