940 quilts and 1345 laundry bags to date!
Considering how close we are to Christmas and how busy everyone is with shopping and baking and wrapping and travelling and, no doubt, adjudicating who is going where for Christmas lunch and dinner, I am amazed we managed to get any quilts off – but we did!  
And not only that, but we have some new people join us!  New people just before Christmas!  A big well done everyone!

Janie is new to AHQ and sent off her first quilt this week.  
Someone is going to be happy.

Caroline sent off a batch of laundry bags a couple of weeks ago and I never posted the pics!  ๐Ÿ™  I am redeeming myself now…..I hope!

Nancy has been at work again.

Margaret H

 Me!   I got to sew!

This fellow loves running!

Judy D 

Debra O’K  

 Karen B 


Marg out did herself clearing out her stash and came up with twenty five fabulous laundry bags!  Way to go Marg!!!

Gail created a horse quilt and what is more, she only started it on Saturday and finished it yesterday!  And she was teaching at school during the day!  Great job Gail!


Melissa made this cool laundry bag.  We had to wait till it had been received before we could show it to you.  The back is really cool too and has a number and his name on it – just like a jersey but obviously with his name on it I can’t show you.

As I said, that looks like a pretty good effort to me given that this is the week before Christmas!

Now a message from two girls who have much more will power than me!
Good morning Jan-Maree,
I have received a parcel that says it contains a quilt. I am going to wait until Christmas to open it as it will be even more special
So excited and can’t wait to see the quilt.
Thank you once again and I shall email you once I have opened the package.
Kind regards

Good Morning,
Just letting you know that the Quilt arrived in the mail, but XXXXXX and I have agreed to open up the parcel on Christmas Day.
I am just very thankful that your organisation have given up their time to do this for us.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

SOOOOO not sure I would be able to wait  – don’t tell my Mum but I used to try and snoop out my presents for weeks before Christmas – never had much luck though!  I think she was on to me!

And one final lovely thank you message from ANZAC.  

Good Morning Jan-Maree, I can not begin to tell you how much I love the beautiful quilt.
I really do appreciate the time and effort Leonie, Paul, Paula and yourself have put in to making this quilt for me and posting it up in time for Christmas!! It is quite ironic, but it is a perfect reflection of my personality too !! Pink, green with gorgeous little lady bugs. I couldn’t have wished for more !! Our deployment will be coming to an end in approximately a month, and I am really looking forward to getting home. This is not my first deployment but has been my first operational.
Thank you again to all your quilters, it is such a beautiful thoughtful gesture.
I hope your family friends and yourself have a fabulous Christmas.

Make sure you do not miss out on the Christmas Eve post.  
I have been sneaking around “collecting” things and I think I am finally getting enough together and if you want to know what I am talking about you will just have to check in on the 24th!

Till then…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!