657 Quilts 718 Laundry Bags to date!


It is another wonderful week of quilts and laundry bags again.  I just love seeing all the different designs and colours and styles coming in each week – from the traditional to the modern, the colourful and the more subdued, the simple, the fancy, the masculine and the feminine – there truly is one for everyone!

Now on with the show.

Rae from SA made this little beauty and the following laundry bag and I just love it!  How clever to use an apron in the middle.  I have made sure that this is going to someone very appropriate but that is all I am saying!

This little ensemble is Stephanie’s work. Love the colours and that cool retro fabric!

Lorraine and her small quilt group made these three and sent them off this week.  
I love how they are all so different.

These next two were completed by my friend Louise.

Cat completed the following two just recently.

I do love stars!

This is also some of Cat’s work except that she sent this to me as blocks and the quilt was assembled here.  Do you remember these Cat?

Kaye made this gorgeous bright quilt and a matching laundry bag!  I am not game to show the the LB just in case it is seen (if you know what I mean)!

Hilary pieced this striking red, white and blue quilt.  

And she made a very appropriate bag to go with it.  No prizes for guessing where this is going!

Now Liz made the next five quilts and laundry bags – she just managed to squeeze them in before heading off on holidays for a few weeks.  
She and Mr B are driving across country so be sure to wave if you see them!


 Those are not dirty marks on the laundry bags.
Clever Liz has hidden the initials so that noone gets a sneak peak!


This is another lovely quilt by Lorraine’s group.

Melissa helped out with a few special order laundry bags this week.

This lovely quilt and laundry bag headed off from Miranda.

No prizes for guessing which footy team this fellow goes for though maybe only Sydney-siders will know!

The same lucky fellow scored this quilt – both by Michelle – another with the Dorothy McKellar poem on it.

Nancy got the next three quilts in the mail.

Karen B also sent off a great laundry bag for a special request.

 We have some great laundry bags by Sue and Aileen from SA.

Somehow I think those helicopter laundry bags will be pretty popular.

Naomi and her happy helpers (Terri & Wendy) had a busy day on Monday afternoon and they folded and packaged up the following quilts which are now on their way to Egypt.  Terri couldn’t resist getting in on the act when the photo’s were being taken….pity you can’t see her do her impression of Gangnam Style (See the real one here so you know what it’s all about) it’s a classic, that’s for sure!

In no particular order, here’s all the lovely quilts, made by several different Riverland (Sth Australia) Quilters.

FYI: any dots/rings/circles you see on some of the pics, are something to do with the camera, and aren’t faults/designs on the quilts!
And just because I find Friday nights very inspiring…

Each  Friday night I proudly show
all the wonderful quilts that we let go
across the sea and the land to they
that make us prouder every day.

They wear the uniform of our land
but on foreign soils they go to stand.
They are far from home and family
and they do it all for you and me.

They come from each and every State
and from all parts of this country great.
They are man and woman, young and old
but they are the best it should be told.

We are proud of them and they should know 
that we cheer them on wherever they go.
We want them to know that we really care 
and we want them to know while they are there.

So we stitch and we sew as much as we are able 
and on our quilts put a special label.
Aussie Hero is says in simple black font 
to say thankyou is all we really want.

Our quilts are all different, some fancy some plain
some bright, some muted, some bear a refrain.
Some have the flag, the Southern Cross or a roo
sometimes we do them with a special theme too.

We also make bags for their laundry as well.
To lose all your clothes must have been hell, 
but with our bags that is a thing of the past
and our bags are certainly made to last

Each week when I look at our quilts to date
I can’t help but feel that it’s really great,
And the laundry bags with each letter and patch;
Seriously each week is another great batch

To my Friends I hope you are feeling good
because for what youv’e achieved you really should!
To them “over there” on foreign sea and land
Please know that we are with you wherever you stand! 

Till next time……..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!