Putting the pieces back together….

Written by ahq_admin

12 July 2016

Hi all
Quick update on the reconstruction of Aussie Heroes. 

I am back accepting requests and keeping track of normal business as much as I can.  Please don’t send me unnecessary emails (jokes etc) at the moment though as I am still flat out trying to put AHQ back together. 

The request list went out tonight but it was an abbreviated one.  

If you have random quilts and laundry bags that do not match anyone on this list this week please be patient. I can’t allocate quilts and laundry bags til I have the list back up and running and then I will be allocating the random quilts to make sure that people will little time left, do not miss out…. hopefully.

There are a few things that you can do to help please.

1.  Read the blog….. posting updates and requests for help on the blog is quicker for me than emailing everyone.

2.  Even if you are a regular contributor to Aussie Heroes, even if you have been in touch with me via email/Facebook/text etc, please still contact Lisa K on ahqquilters@gmail.com.  She is helping me out by collating the names, addresses and emails of the AHQ Friends.  If you make bags, quilts, blocks and so on, you need to be on her list.  She is also collecting data about what you make and which mailing lists you are on.

3. If you have volunteered for a quilt or a laundry bag, or if you have posted one, since the 10th of May please advise Lisa. 

What is happening in the next few days….

Tomorrow night, Lisa and I will be on the phone going over all the info she has gathered regarding who is making which quilts and bags. This information is ESSENTIAL so that I can allocate requests in the future and can make sure there are not duplicates. If you know someone who sews for AHQ please make sure they have contacted Lisa and let her know what they are sewing. 

One Wednesday during the day, Keryn will be working with me. She and I are going to cross reference the request lists that I have had re-sent to me over the last four weeks,  We need to cross-reference to make sure that I have all requests on my list. Requests received between the 10th of May and the 12th June may not be on my list any more as they are part of the data that I have lost. 

If you know someone who sent me a request personally during those dates please ask them to get in touch with me. 

Finally, on Wednesday night, Lisa K is coming over and she and I will re-action all the emails that I received between the 10th of May and the 12th of June.   Or at least we will start to…. it might take more than one night.

Every day more steps forward than backward …. that is the goal…..

Till next time…………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Janine C

    It sounds like so much work, but will be a job well done.


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