Photo Bonanza!!! Op Slipper Welcome Home Parade and the latest HMAS Success quilts!

Written by AHQ

24 March 2015

Hi all.  The gratitude post will be up tomorrow night but in the mean time I could not wait to share these photos with you. First up the Op Slipper Welcome Home Parade and then the latest batch from HMAS Success.

I had an intrepid reporter checking out the Operation Welcome Home Parade in Sydney on Saturday. Rita C made it in there and she said 

“I must have asked 100 people if they got a quilt from AHQ, Navy guys and gals were the easiest, looked at their hats and if I knew the name of the ship I asked them, almost all said yes then I asked if I could take their photo, and to give me their name and could we use it on the blog.  If they hadn’t got a quilt I told them if they go again be sure and request a quilt (I think a few may have thought I was a little nuts but usually someone around them knew what I was talking about and said how wonderful they are to receive)


All of the following photographs are recipients who were happy to have a photo taken for us. Some of them I can find their quilters based on the notes that Rita gave me and some I can’t but still it is nice to see that so many people were happy to let her take their picture to share with us.

The young lady on the left was the recipient of the pink elephant quilt that Dasha and Robin worked on together.

This happy wife saw Rita’s I sew for Heroes Badge and asked if she sewed for AHQ.  She told her how much they loved the quilt that was made Jill S.  They called it the secret surfer!

And here is the happy quilt recipient himself. 🙂

Three happy chappies- one received a quilt from Liz.  The fellow in the middle received a quilt from Hilary.

Our fearless captain from HMAS Darwin and one of my recipients.  🙂

Debbie this fellow received your Harley Davidson quilt and according to Rita he and his wife just loved it!

Carmel, this fellow got your Holden themed quilt and loved it.

One of these girls received an Arabian themed quilt made by Liz B.

And a recipient of Sue F.

And I also received a photo from a proud Mum.
Robyn R – your west highland terrier quilt.  

Big thanks to everyone for your service on Operation Slipper as well as letting us have a photo of you.

And now for another thank you – thanks to HMAS Success for sending these great pics.   I can’t identify all the quilts so if you see one that you made please let me know.  I have identified the ones I can.  Enjoy!

How awesome is this shot!!!

The names above each photo will be the quilters.

Su J and Barbara A

Lisa N

Lucy S


Steph N 

Sue N 

Jackie J 


Leanne  Front 
 and the back!

Jill S

Marg C 

Ann W

Sue N 

 Linda H 

Rita M 

Michelle T 

Lots of great quilts and lots of smiling faces.

Till next time………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Kaylee

    Great photos, yes I recognise my quilt on HMAS Success, it's the one with the Aussie flag just behind the SWANS quilt…. Kaylee


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