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26 October 2015

I can hear some of you asking……

What is a Mystery Quilt?

For those who do not know, a Mystery Quilt is one where I nominate a block, usually one that has been featured as a tutorial for a Block of the Month.  I also nominate a theme and people register to make one or more blocks.  It is important that people register as we only need  a certain number of blocks to complete each quilt.

Once all the blocks are completed they are sent to a nominated address, usually Lynn, and then they are put together.  Next the top goes off to a quilter. 

Over the years we have done some great Mystery Quilts.  This is by no means all of them, just the photos I could find easily.  Mostly we have done star blocks which everyone seems to like and which fit together well as you only need 15 blocks for a whole quilt.
These are great quilts to be part of if you are not able to make a whole quilt but can mange a block or two.  I am also going to try and get better about putting up a photo of the finished quilt tops once they are completed, though at times I may have to wait til the recipient has received the quilt as some of the quilts are quite distinctive.

Here are just some of the quilts we have done in the past…

For a Carlton fan

For a Swans fan

For someone who wanted pink and stars…

a Tigers fan
the request was, “something to make me smile”

One of my favourites… the Moo, Oink, Woof, Neigh quilt

another “something to make me smile” quilt 

aircraft and soldiers

aviation themed 

and perhaps one of the more special ones we have done…..

made for AB Cameron Green who was suffering from bone cancer and has since passed away.

I am planning to do more Mystery Quilts in coming months, particularly over the summer period.   I usually announce the Mystery Quilts on the Facebook page and occasionally on the blog but a few comments from a few quilters have given me the idea that I should start a mailing list to let everyone know when a new one is out. What do you think?

Would you like an email when a new Mystery Quilt is announced?  

Also have a look at the BOM tutorials and tell me which blocks you think would be fun to make up as a Mystery Quilt and we will try some new ones for quilts to come.  You can find all the tutorials here..

I have some ideas for some fun ones coming up…..

How about a golf themed quilt with golfing words like Fore and Par and Hole in One appliqued on a strip of fabric, possibly even a strip of golf themed fabric.

A Mustache themed quilt 

How about a Disney Princess themed quilt

Dog themed, 

Travel themed 

and lots lots more……

I think we can get a bit more adventurous than we have in the past but still keep it simple. 

Finally, if you have any blocks that you think would be good for Mystery Quilts or Blocks of the Month let me know.  I especially like 14″ blocks as you only need 15 for a quilt.

The main requirements for such blocks are

1. they must be SIMPLE  – and I mean simple as often these blocks are completed by beginners who are not confident enough to make a quilt top

2. They must be able to be trimmed to size – sometimes by quite a bit


3. NO BIAS EDGES…… they just do not work for beginners and for those that have to put the quilt tops together.

Finally, if you think you would like the fun of putting some of these Mystery Quilts together feel free to let me know.

Don’t forget to let me know if you want to be on the mailing list for Mystery Quilts.

Till next time…………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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  1. Maria

    Hi Jan-Maree. I would love to be on the mailing list for Mystery Quilts… Thanks Maria.


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