Merry Christmas to all those serving in our Defence Force this year…..

Written by AHQ

23 December 2018

Merry Christmas to all of those who serve

Christmas Day is drawing near
A time of goodwill and abundant cheer.

Kids at home will trim the tree.
They’ll sit for a photo on Santa’s knee.

Grandmas are making their fruit mince pies;
They’re so good, off the plates they will fly.

Mums are doing the pudding this year
And some decorate gingerbread houses I hear.

Dads will hang the lights and stock up on booze;
Might be beer, champagne, whatever you choose.

All over the country plans are underway
To work out the best way to spend the day.

From breakfast to brunch, be it lunch or dinner,
Where ever they gather it will be a winner,
With tables loaded with delicious fare,
When you are seated with those about whom you care.

But this year you’ll not be in Oz for the feast,
Because you’re serving for us in the Middle East,
Or maybe you are wearing the peacekeeper’s cap,
And are serving elsewhere on the vast world map.

You are dressed in cams with the flag on your sleeve.
Only a lucky few have Christmas leave,
But of course, you will make the best of it.
When you come to the festive table to sit,
This year with your military family you’ll be
Instead of at home with round the family tree.

Allow me to take a moment to say from the heart
Whilst from your family and friends you might be far apart,
You are with us in spirit and we’re thinking of you,
With the deepest of gratitude for all that you do.

Merry Christmas to all of those who serve
May there be peace and goodwill as you justly deserve.
Jan-Maree Ball OAM
Dec 18

Photo from Christmas 2017

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