78 new Facebook followers this week!  WOW!

Lots of you will have read all the comments on Facebook but I know there are some who don’t “do” Facebook so thanks to Naomi’s efforts the comments that were left for us have been repeated here so that we can all be encouraged!
I found you on the Soldiers are Heroes page.  Keep up the fantastic work!!!!

I saw one of your quilts here in Uruzgan, and also the newspaper articles.  I realised that the laundry bag that I was given when I arrived must have been made by you – it is really beautiful and incredibly useful! Thank you for giving so much of your time to make these items for us. It is truly appreciated. I will keep the laundry bag when I return home later this year and I will always remember your kindness each time I use it.  Keep up the great work ladies
Hi, I was just introduced to this page by my Dad, who is ex-RAAF and served in East Timor. When he was over there I made a few cuddly teddies for him to give to the orphans, and I would love to help out with this too. …………………. I really think this is a great idea, because the service men and women serving overseas deserve to know that they are thought of and loved.
Found your blog last night. Starting sewing a quilt to donate today. Wonderful work you are doing with Hero Quilts. I will be telling my quilting friends about you today. I am a War Widow – my late husband served 42 years in Brit Army and Aussie Army – commando in Brit Army. My two sons were in the army. I am so pleased to start doing this to help. I wish I had known earlier. I heard about the “Light The Way Home” group yesterday and then wondered about quilts and then researched and found you. I have downloaded the 9 patch pdf and first fabrics are on the table ready to cut.
Thank you for your wonderful work.
Hi I. Believe. You are doing a wonderful thing.
Thanks for looking after our service men and women OS, Thank you.
Great work ladies my brothers and sisters in arms will greatly appreciate the hard work and commitment from each and everyone involved.
I would like to tell you how much these gifts mean to all troops serving overseas. I had a group of ladies send over some beanies for our team to wear in the winter months and I still have mine with me today. Your support to the soldiers is amazing. Well done.
Quite simply, Thank you
I am so proud of you guys and the support you are showing our men and women of the ADF. God bless you all. 
Good on you girls – love your work. These will be life-long reminders that the vast majority of Australians support our troops, whatever their mission. It’s possible that they will become family heirlooms Naomi – very special quilts indeed. Thank you.
Keep up the excellent work ladies well done also never under estimate the work you do, the guys and girls OS really appreciate peopel at home care about them , don’t forget that
I also, take my hat off to all of the people involved in this heart felt group. All of you make me proud to be an Australians. The Australian Spirit Lives. thankyou.
I take my hat off to you all. Your work I am sure boosts morale wherever the lads and ladettes serve
As if that were not enough we have a couple of thank you messages too.  
This is just part of a lovely long email that Naomi received, most of which was too detailed and personal to share but this bit shares the sentiment.
Thank you for the quilt, laundry bag and the support you provide to our troops. What you have done for me has made my deployment and I’m sure that you will make someone else’s deployment with the great stuff you are making, keep up the great work.   
And then there is this one.
Carol & Kelly,
Just want to pass on my appreciation for the quilt & laundry bag I received from you recently. What a great surprise and a good feeling that we have the thoughts of people back home. It was a really good pick me upfor me. I live kind of down your way at a little town in Gippsland.
So thanks again, keep up the great work you are doing to remind us that we are in the thoughts of people back home.

Angela had a lovely response to one of her laundry bags today which just proves the fact that you don’t have to make a quilt to make a difference.

Hi Angela  My name is XXXX and am currently serving in Afghanistan. I
am 22 years old and usually live in inner Sydney with my girlfriend. The
other day as I was checking for mail I noticed a box in the mail room
which said “FREE LAUNDRY BAGS”. A bright orange laundry bag caught my
eye and it is now sitting at the bottom of my cupboard holding my dirty
clothes waiting to be taken to the laundry tomorrow morning!!  My old
drab laundry bag was starting to reach the end of its life and was ready
for retirement , your laundry bag offered not only a solution but a
colourful solution.  Every time I walk down to the laundry it makes me
smile to picture the Chatting Chooks at Chook Churchon a sunday.  This
email is to express my gratitude for such a nice gesture.  Its little
things things like this that rennew our will, to know that good people
back home in our beloved Australia are thinking about the boys over here
and what we are doing.  Its good people like you guys that make our
national community what it is.  Best of luck for all your kids in their
final year 12 exams and rest assured that my washing will not go astray
any more.  Regards – PTE XXXXXX 

And we can’t have a blog post without a few more pics so here are some of our latest BOM quilts that are currently with the quilters or are in the queue to go to them.

This one was put together by Jill in Queensland.  The yellow and red is perfect for it.

You might have already seen the next three but I figured they are worth visiting again as they are so nice.  All three were put together by Judith here is Sydney.
Love the cheery yellow. 

The green seems to unite these random blocks perfectly.

Love the sashing fabric in this one.  I would not have been brave enough to use it but for some reason it makes the blocks look like they are floating!

I am really looking forward to these ones coming back from the quilters.

Same old reminder that I give every week – if you have put a quilt or laundry bag in the mail  anytime from last Friday to tomorrow please make sure you are on the following list or email me (and if you have already emailed me – please remind me)
Quilts of the Week so far for this week come from 
Chris, Edith, Carol, Caroline, Cat, Judith, Linda, Miranda, Nancy
If you are not on this list please email me.

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!