Last call for HMAS Darwin Welcome Home…….

Written by ahq_admin

3 July 2016

Hi All

I have not yet got a reliable list of quilters compiled so this is the best way for me to make a last call…… 

if you are planning on attending the welcome home for HMAS Darwin please email me no later than 4pm tomorrow.  

So far I have the following people attending the wharf

These are the people I have attending so far. If you are not on this list please contact me as soon as possible.

Lynn and Wendy F (need rego please)
Su J and Fleur J (rec’d rego)
Lynne S 
Jean B
Sandy C 
Kim A and Lisa N (rego recd) 
Bev C
Robyn W
Chris J and Blake P (rego rec’d)
Shannon, Grace and Paul N 
Lisa N and Leonie G
Sue O’D

This is the list that I have…. if you are not on this list and are planning to attend please do let me know, even if you have told me before as these are the only people I have recorded.

I need full names of those attending and car registrations please. 

Although you are asked to give your rego, be warned that parking is at a premium so if you are able to arrive via public transport you might find that easier. 

Please email the details to me at 

and most important….

please make the subject line read WELCOMING HMAS DARWIN to make it easier for me. 
Many thanks

Jan-Maree xx

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