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Written by AHQ

26 July 2018

Written in 2015 and only just sent last week, this email is a wonderful example of better late than never. I certainly appreciated receiving it. 

G’day Jan-Maree,
I have gone many times to write you guys at AHQ a thankyou letter, email rather, but time just manages to get away from me every single time. I have decided to set aside a few minutes of my day just to say thankyou for the letters, the quilts, the laundry bags and letting us know that people back home are thankful and thinking of us.
I have been deployed before and received a few care packages from Aussie Hero Quilts before. Every time the mail comes in, I’m hopeful that someone somewhere is thinking of me enough to send me some mail or some sort of delicious treat(sugar is my weakness!) that we can’t get in other countries. Getting mail from you guys is exactly that. To other people, it’s just a few bits of lollies and some tim tams(keep them coming for sure!) but to me, it just brightens up my day. I notice with other people too, every now and then I walk into someone elses room and on their bed is a quilt with their initials on it which they seem to be smugly proud about. The laundry bags are a savior this time too! Somehow I forgot mine this deployment and within a week, I was running out of space to put things(3 to a room is a bit tight!), lettalone dirty washing! I ended up finding one, and then I got a personalized laundry bag sent to me! Again, something so easy at home to deal with but here its a completely different ballgame.
Enough of that though. Just wanted to say thankyou for sending myself and everyone else you send packages to, packages. They brighten my day along with others and those quilts are something nice to give your kids when you get home! Appreciate it guys. Keep up the good work! Stay safe back in Australia with all those floods!

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