Happy Mail Wednesday 5 June

Written by AHQ

5 June 2013

Lots of lovely happy mail today and first up my absolute favourite kind of happy mail (apart from photo carrying emails from our Heroes of course) is a completed quilt.

This quilt came from Anne D in South Australia.  You just can’t beat a southern cross can you and I love the colours!  This is really going to brighten someone’s day in Tarin Kot or Kandahar or Kabul – I just haven’t decided who to send it to yet!  Now who is on my “Nice List”…

 Louise sent me five fabulous quilt tops but two of them I sent straight off to the quilter and have not got pictures of. Aren’t these terrific?  A great lesson in how to make three great quilts for supporters of the same team without making them all look alike!
 These next two quilt tops arrived from Lynn today.  Sometimes I know what Lynn is sending me as we have discussed a particular quilt and recipient but other times I get surprises.  This gorgeous blue and yellow was a surprise and I think I know just who it is going to ……as long as I have time to do the applique!
This pretty one is already spoken for.  Love how different these quilts look and yet they are the same pattern.

Meg sent me the next two quilt tops.  I am planning some applique for these two as well….just waiting for the right request or the right inspiration.

These are Claire’s contribution to the red, white and black quilt we are making.

These ones are from Danielle for the bloke’s quilt we are working on.

these ones are from Millie

One from Jo P

Two from Joanne G 

Some from Karen B, obviously for the red, white and black

two from Dasha

and the last six stars are from Rhonda M

Bringing up the rear we have some great blocks from Tess, all the way from the US of A!  Thanks as always Tess.

Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Sue Niven

    Another fabulous post, Love those quilts and blocks.


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