Happy Mail 30 March 16

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30 March 2016

Last year we made a number of quilts that have been signed by members of the public and quilters with messages of support for the troops.  Today I received a photo of one of them with two of our wonderful air force chaplains who were deployed to the Air Task Group.  

This photo has taken a little while to clear and that means that both these fellows are now home safe.
Thanks so much for the photo gents.  

Another reason that this photo is so timely is that I was assitsted yesterday but Charis, the daughter of the chaplain on the right. She sorted all the mail for me and photographed all the envelopes that flooded into our mail box filled with Chapel Quilt blocks and Wounded Warrior Quilt blocks. Charis did not take all the pics below, but quite a few of them and you will see more of her work next week when I post an update of the Chapel Quilt blocks.

First up though we have some great Blocks of the Month.

Denise H 

Di G 

Jacqui D 

Janis K 

Robyn O’B

Now on to some of the laundry bags that have landed in my PO box recenlty.

Donna P (QLD)

Finally we have a few batches of Wounded Warrior Quilt blocks….

Denise H  


Lenore H 



Great job everyone.  Love the blocks that are coming in.  

The next Block of the Month will be out tomorrow night…. stay tuned. 

Till next time…………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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