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27 February 2013

Welcome to Happy Mail.  I have had some lovely parcels in the mail this week.

First up you gotta love family!  

My sister-in-law, Julie sent up these three quilt tops this week with my husband the courier.  Julie lives in Melbourne, my husband goes to Melbourne most weeks for work so we arrange a hand off at his office as required! and this week we scored!
Three gorgeous quilt tops

And four gorgeous BOM blocks.

Not content with taking ten quilts home to quilt from the Penrith Sewing Day Stephanie sent over two BOM blocks as well.

And this marks the reappearance of one of our regular BOM contributors from America – welcome back Lisa.

This top was also in the mail – by Miriam from Perth.  You will see another of Miriam’s quilts on Friday night for Quilts of The Week.  I extended it a bit with some flag fabric and it has gone off to its new home and looks great!

Karen B sent up these five BOM blocks.  Hmmm, looking forward to putting this quilt together.

and four last January BOM blocks

Karen also sent two great quilt tops. 

Love an Aussie girly one!
I thought I would share with you another sort of happy mail.  People often ask how I find the time to do what I do.  It is more a case of all things that I choose not to do since starting Aussie Heroes but I am not complaining.  Someone today said that they suspect that I spend more time on admin and less on sewing and that is definitely true but it is the regular interraction that I have with the gorgeous heroes and heroines out there thta makes the “job” so special.  It is kind of hard to share some of the interractions and still let you feel how I feel.  (not sure if you can see what i am getting at but i will plough on)  the follwing is an email conversation that I have had with a would-be recipient over the last 24 hours and it is the sort of thing that makes my day.  There emails are in blue and mine in red.

Hello There, 

                        My name is XXX and I am currently serving in the Middle East onboard HMAS Toowoomba. My boss (real name removed to protect the innocent) was today showing me a quilt that he had made for him by Aussie Hero Quilts. I think that it is amazing and was wondering if I could trouble you for some contact details of someone who I would be able to talk to about the possibility of getting one of these really awesome quilts

Thanks and Regards,

My name is Jan-Maree and I am the coordinator and founder of Aussie Hero Quilts.  You have come to the right place.  If you send me your full postal address with PM Keys numbers I can put you on my list for a quilt but I can’t promise what it will look like as that is up to the quilter.  I can guarantee that it will be made with love though. Looking forward to hearing from you. 



Hi Jan, thank you for responding to me so quickly. From the work that I’ve seen from the quilter, and the looks of excitement I’ve seen from my fellow workmates, I don’t doubt for a second that it was made with love.

My address is,

Blah Blah Blah
I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell you what I like or if the quilter just picks something completely random, but I love Rugby League. So  if they could incorporate that into it somehow that would be just brilliant. If not, I love surprises anyway. You’ve got to in this job! So hit me with whatever cause I’m sure to feel the love and warmth from it regardless. Thanks again for responding to me so quickly. 


A Sailor in the middle of the ocean awaiting her quilt. 


I have been thinking about your quilt.  We have so many requests underway at the moment that I am not likely to be able to arrange a specifically rugby quilt for you but I am wondering if you have a favourite team and maybe one of the quilts that comes up might be in the team colours or close to.  Can you tell me your team colours, or just your favourite colours.  Still no promises but it might help.


Hey Jan,

I have too many teams to support so thats fine. But I love every shade of blue and fluro colours.  Hope that’s a help.   Again, anything you send to me I’ll be grateful for =)
Thanks again.


Thanks for that.  Well, I will see what comes up and surprise you.


I love surprises. Cant wait!! =)



Now wouldn’t that just make you smile too?

And one more for good measure.
Could you please put my name down on the recipient list for one of your wonderful quilts, and laundry bags.  I have really admired the work and dedication of your team and would be greatly honoured to receive one of your masterworks. I’ve never had the patience for craft and needle work and admire anyone that has the talent and skills. 

I am currently deployed to Al Minhad Airbase, UAE and travel into Afghanistan frequently.  The quilt would make a beautiful keepsake to show my kids on my return home. 

Yep, sometimes, oftentimes, these emails make my day!

Debra received her prize for the Australia Day Laundry Bag Challenge and so did Louise so I can now reveal them to you in order – 


 and Louise’s.  You can’t see it here but Louise’s scarf is green.

Now a message for Wendy who left the following question in the comments last night. 

Evening everyone, just a quick question about fabric….. I am a sewer not a quilter but am hoping to do a quilt soon….. Does the quilt have to be made with 100% cotton or can you use a blend? 

Hi Wendy, firstly, did you realise that you are  a noreply blogger?  that means I can’t email you with an answer.  If you check out this post and scroll to the bottom you will find instructions to remedy that situation.

Now to your question.  Some people do quilt with fabrics other than 100% cotton but usually for a specific purpose.   For Aussie Hero quilts I ask that all quilt fabrics be 100% cotton please.

Till next time……………keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Wendy

    Thanks Jan Maree, I will remedy the reply situation next time I'm on the computer.

  2. Sue Niven

    A wonderful post as usual Jan-Maree.


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