Hi All,
I am writing this on Tuesday night and I am not sure how much time I am going to get to edit it tomorrow.  Firstly there is a sewing day at my home tomorrow and secondly there is the problem I have with my laptop at the moment.  Since this morning my word documents and photos have been unable to be accessed as required to load them to the blog or just to save new ones!  Grrrr.  I hope my friendly computer guy will be able to come and help me during the day but that is yet to be confirmed.  

Anyway, the bottom line is that I can’t show you the cool BOMs that I received from Liz J nor the two cool quilts from Katrina.  I also wanted to show you three more cool BOMs that I received from Janine, but which had slipped by me and I only found them yesterday!
Not happy Jan-Maree!

Thankfully though I had already received and uploaded these ones.  

Dorothy’s red, white and blue selection!

And I received a laundry bag from Millie

What I can share with you though are some thank you messages.  

Dear Julie Ann,
On behalf of myself and the Rotary Wing Group Team thanks for the Laundry bags that you sent us. They are awesome and we appreciate the effort that you’ve put in and the personal touch that you added to each one. They couldn’t have come at a better time especially for myself as after 3 deployments to East Timor over the years and a few weeks in Afghanistan I was in desperate need of a new one ;).

I haven’t received the other AHQ box yet that you mentioned in your letter but I’m sure it will be a great little surprise and I look forward to receiving it.

From all the guys here we really do appreciate all the support we get from people like yourself back home, and the gifts you send really do raise morale and make the deployments more enjoyable so thanks again.
Kindest Regards

Hi Liz,
I just wanted to say that I just got the Broncos laundry bag a week ago and I reckon it is awesome. My family don’t like it because they are all NSW supporters (their problem, not mine).Please thank your friend Janie Pearson for the work. 

Hello Stephanie D,

My Name is Chris and I have just received a laundry bag you made for me! Thank you very much for the laundry bag it will be well used! It is wonderful to receive things like this from home and to hear that those back there are thinking about us.


Hi Stephanie D,

Just quick message to take say thank you very much for the laundry bag. 

It is awesome and will get a lot of use.
Once again thank you

Thank you Julie-Ann S and Aussie Hero Quilts for taking the time and effort to make and send me a laundry bag and quilt, I am currently using the quilt on my bed, I cannot thank you enough for the contribution you have made to my deployment. I only received the parcels earlier this month after changing location as I was working in a different part of Afghanistan for the first 3 months of my deployment, sorry for the late reply as I have been busy with work but once again I am so grateful for the service you provide to our troops.

For Rita M

I have received the Quilt.

It is amazing and i have used it everyday. I reminds me of home so so much. 

I have also left a photo on the Aussie Quilt facebook page with a thank you note as well.

It is very much appreciated, and we are lucky to have caring people like yourself still around.

So I thank you so so much. 

The next couple are on facebook

Got my quilt and laundry bag today!! Love them! Thanks so much to Leone and Joan! Xox

My husband received his quilt and bag today and he was amazed by the lovely gift you sent him! I’m waiting for him to send me a photo! Thank you thank you thank you! Xxx

This one is for Nancy on facebook
I would like to say a massive thank you to the Quilter that made my quilt and laundry bag. Both are being put to great use! Thanks again, 

This refers to one of Rita M’s quilts

Jan-Maree and Team, I would like to say thank you for my Aussie Hero Quilt I received on HMAS TOOWOOMBA recently. As one of the Pilots on the ship I was stoked to receive a quilt with aeroplanes and helicopters all over it! It was really nice to see that people back home are thinking of us whilst on our operational deployment. Keep up the great work. Kind Regards,

One for Carolyn M


Yes my quilt arrived and my laundry bag, thankyou so much I’m very grateful! 
Things are going well up here, time is going reasonably quick, I’ll be home before I know it… hopefully! haha Thanks again for the quilt, I really appreciate it. 

For Rita M

Got my quilt in Dubai and wacked it straight onto my rack. Loving it! Had to take it off a couple times as the ventilation onboard was abit bad up here so it was getting quite warm with it on,..never fear it’s close by if need be! Thanks again so much, it’s so much better than I expected 🙂 And I believe I’ll have it for years to come.

Yours SIncerely,

For Pauline D

Thankyou to Jan-Maree and all the folks who make quilts for the troops they are well received. Mine is better than I could have hoped for.


For Melissa

                My laundry bag has arrived and it looks amazing thank you very much for all your effort and thank you for thinking of us all while we are up here.  Its great to know that there are people thinking of you out there while on these operations.  Again thank you very much. Regards,

For Elizabeth

Thank you for the blanket and washing bag it received they are very lovely. It makes the trip better when you receive a gift from a stranger and know that people care. thank you

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow night with some photos and the like…….if I can get my computer fixed!  
Till next time………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!