Happy Mail 29th April and a bit of ANZAC Day

Written by AHQ

29 April 2015

G’day all,

I am sneaking in ahead of Caroline to show you some photos I received of ANZAC day overseas. 

My favourite is the first photo with all three hats in the shot.

The fellow on the roof is the bugler.

Again I love the symbolism of the two hats.

Enough from me and now over to Caroline with some pretty cool Happy Mail blocks.

Hi All,

Just a quick post from me today. Here are some lovely BOM’s that I received this week.
 Dorothy C

Gail B

Joan B

Anne H

All looking really good ladies, keep up the great work.
Happy Stitching

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  1. Unknown

    Fabulous photos, especially the ones from overseas. One of the moments that brought me undone on a trip to the Gallipoli Battlefields was where someone had just placed their cap at the Lone Pine memorial. The tears just ran down my face. It's the little things like that- a jar of vegemite at a headstone, a flag or even a single poppy that really brings it home to you.


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