Oh my goodness – this was supposed to go out on Wednesday night but I was out till late and only just found out last night that it was still in draft form!  No idea what happened but it seems you were all too immersed in the eggnog and wrapping paper to notice so you can have a bonus post tonight instead!  LOL

Happy Mail and Happy Recipients. 
First up a quilt made by Nan and packaged up and sent by Wendy.

Adding in a quilt made by Michelle with her now trademark “My Country” in the middle.

A big grin from Michelle’s recipient.

Pauline’s “Six White Boomers” has found a very appreciative home!

A thank you came in for Melissa too.  This laundry bag never appeared on the blog as it was too distinctive and we didn’t want to spoil the surprise.  You see it now and it was worth all the effort.

I would like to say a huge thank you for everything, the laundry bag is excellent, my Dad was very jealous as he is also a Dragons fan so we have a bit of a competition on who has the most gear.
Please send my regards to your helpers 
I am very grateful it means a lot and I will be using this bag for years to come.

I would love to show you the back – it has a number and his name (which is why I CAN’T show you back!)

Hi Jan- Maree,
Thankyou very much for the laundry bag and quilt. They both arrived today here at XXXX and look fantastic. It’s perfect timing actually because the weather has just started to really cool down. Thanks again for your time and effort with both items. Take care and all the best for Christmas and the new year. 

I have received my quilt and laundry bag, I love it, it is beautiful and colourful. Thank you so much, it really means a lot to us over here, especially over Christmas to have such kindness from people back home like yourself spending their time doing amazing things for us.

This following one was a much longer email but as I can’t share place names or personal details too much I had to delete some 🙁

Dear Caroline,
Thank you soo much for the wonderful laundry bag! I am truly astounded that there are such great people in this country of ours who would dedicate their very own time and resources to such a fantastic gesture of good will! I must say, this is one thing the our American friends do very well – show gratitude and respect to the serving men and women that serve to deny, those who mean to do us harm, a safe haven in places such as Afghanistan. 

What a very thoughtful gift – it just so happens that a good laundry bag is extremely hard to come by! I feel very honoured to receive your gift and wish to thank you for putting your personal touch to it! Hunni looks fantastic in her outfit, I couldn’t help but smile. You have a very beautiful dog. 

Finally, I would just like to say what an incredible job you have done with the laundry bag – it is absolutely fantastic! I will treasure it and it will remind me now, and into the future, of the generosity shown to our serving men and women. I hope that one day, I too can continue to show this generosity to someone else and expose them to the nature of such a fantastic organisation. Please know that you have done a wonderful thing, and I will remember your efforts wherever I go. 

For now, my gratitude and thanks! 


Two for Rita C

G’Day, I would like to thank you for the quilt it looks great, I am aware it has taken you hours to make so again thank you. I will be using this a lot as it is getting very cold over here. Thanks

Thank you so much for the quilt you made me.
I love it. I have it laying on my bed.
It is very special and I appreciate the effort you all put in to making it for me.
Thank you again. I hope you have a wonderful jolly Christmas together. =)
Kind Regards,

The following is a story I received from Terry and I thought it was lovely and worth sharing!

Hi Jan-Maree  what follows happened yesterday.
I arrived at the local post office/newsagents to be greeted with “Terry, Terry, wait I have puzzlebooks for you.” The owner post mistress knows where the crossword, suduko etc are going.  While I posted two small parcels she retrieved her gift from the back and decided a box was better than the two bags the stash was in. 
We exchanged a few words and she sent her best wishes to the Aussies overseas. I had just picked up the box full of puzzle books when a voice behind me insisted he help and I mean insisted removing the box from my hands and heading out the door. I followed quickly not wanting to let my prizeout of sight. Really it was only out to the footpath and two car lengthsaway but the unknown gentlemanwas being kind so I graciously accepted his assistance.
All 50, yep 50, books were deposited into the boot and I mentioned they were headed to Aussie Soldiers in Afghanistan. (as you do) The gentleman straightened a bit and smiled a little and said” Afghanistanthat’s my home country”. I’m sure he was glad our soldiers were there. We exchanged a comment about the snow as our own temperature was reaching the mid 30’s. 
There are so many people helping as Friends of AHQ, some knowingly, and others just extending a kindness. It’s a real feel good to be able to let the guys and gals know we care.
Thanks and Merry Christmas to all the wonderful people working for AHQ

And last but absolutely not least, some gorgeous blocks for the December BOM Blocks.
These from Bern L.  LOVE the stars and the colours – so bright and cheery and the photo does not do them justice.

And these from Janine – this photo is not great either – but there are horses, sheep and aussie animals and more.

If you are making laundry bags to send on their own please check with me EVERY time  before you send them off as I am sending them to several locations and I try to share them around appropriately.  Every time you have some ready you may be given a new address based on who is next in line.  I also need to make sure that too many don’t go to one area at any one time and i need to make sure that those we are sending to are not due to redeploy before the next parcels arrive with them.

Next post is Christmas Eve and I am working on something special.  No hints but you won’t want to miss it!

Don’t forget to check the messages from the troops and see if your recipient has left a message for family and friends.  I can put lots of faces to the names I have on my list of quilts and laundry bag recipients!  LOVE IT.

Till next time………….keep spreading the word and happy wrapping, cooking, and sewing if you can squeeze it in!