Happy Mail 17 April

Written by AHQ

17 April 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy.  Who has been looking after my schedule!  WAAAYYYY  too much on!  I think I need a secretary – then I would have someone else to blame! LOL
Net week’s schedule looks like being even busier so I have to think in advance about the posts. I suspect there will be no Happy Mail post for two weeks so if you send me something and are concerned about whether it has arrived or not please just shoot me an email. 

Sunday night’s post will be the big reveal of the ANZAC Day Laundry Bags!  Don’t forget you don’t have to post them to me – you just have to send me a picture to post!  

To be included in the blog all photos need to be emailed to me no later than 10am Sydney time on the 21st of April. 
All laundry bags must have SOMETHING on them that is specifically Australian or which tie in with the military theme -you can even make some tri service laundry bags if you wish.

Have fun making them!

Monday night will be a Gratitude post I suspect with something else thrown in for good measure I think.  

Tuesday and Wednesday will be special ANZAC Day Posts.  I love the way they are coming together and I think you will enjoy them too.

Thursday is ANZAC Day – if I do a post that day it will be a small one.

Friday will be Weekly Despatches  

So, on with the Happy Mail.

I suspect we have just about received the last of the March BOMs but haven’t they been fun!  These ones are from Julie Ann

and these ones are from Jeann.

Now we are jumping into the April BOMs – LOVE these STARS!  and the feedback I am getting is that everyone else is loving them too.

Jill Maree

Julie Ann

Karen B


Lynne M

Aren’t they aesome blocks and given that you only need 15 for a quilt that is more than enough for our first quilt top this month and I know there are more on the way.

Jill Maree sent in this awesome quilt top 

and matching laundry bag.  The quilt top is already on its way to the quilter as I have already received a horsey request!  No horsing around here!  Get it!  LOL

Sarah sent in the next three laundry bags – her first – welcome to AHQ Sarah!

Well that is it for me tonight! 

Till next time……………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

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  1. Sue Niven

    Loving the signage and the blocks, Heavenly!


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