Happy Australia Day to all our serving members overseas….

Written by AHQ

26 January 2019

G’day my Aussie friend.    I wanted you to know
That though you’ve travelled far away, you are thought of, does it show?
I love my sunburnt country.  It sits within my heart,
And when I have ventured elsewhere I feel it when we part.
The eucalypts, the blossom trees, the beaches and the ranges,
The animals, our magic birds, I love to show to strangers.
From north to south, and east to west
No matter what you seek, adventure, fun or simply rest,
There is something here for all of us, oceans, mountains, sun and snow
Rivers, jungles, rainforest too.  So much to see wherever you go.
The classic foods like pav and lamb, our awesome toast and vegemite.
We have a land so full of riches, an Aussie native’s birthright.
As you have left our salty shores, and serve now far away
I wrote this little ditty for you, it’s just my humble way
To remind you of your home and wish you a Happy Australia Day
By Jan-Maree Ball 

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