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Written by AHQ

23 May 2016

On Saturday I was the guest speaker for Quilts NSW… formerly the NSW Quilter’s Guild. Teling the Aussie Hero Story is something I enjoy doing and I usually head off on my own but this time I asked one of our Navy Chaplains to come along with me.  After I spoke he addressed the audience and explained what it is like to receive one of our quilts or laundry bags whilst deployed. I can always tell you but it is much better to get it from the “horse’s mouth” so to speak.

Once I introduced him and handed over the microphone he started by explaining how he was first introduced to me.   Hahaha.  He caught me by surprise. He explained how, prior to his deployment he was advised by one of the other chaplains that he should contact Jan-Maree.   

“Who is Jan-Maree?” he said.   

He was told “She is the Founder of Aussie Heroes.”     

“Just give her a call and all will be explained….. but just so you know… she is a bit quirky.” 

LOL  Quirky???  Me???

He turned to me with a grin and said  “Did I ever tell you that?”  

Ahh, no he hadn’t.

It got a good laugh from the audience and well, truth is I am quite happy to be quirky.  There are lots worse things I could be. 

The chaplain went on to explain that his quilt and laundry bag are two of his most treasured possessions, even more than his medals because they came from someone he did not know and were a gesture of thanks and appreciation.

A number of quilters have expressed interest in joining in making quilts or laundry bags for our troops.

As well as welcoming me warmly they donated a lovely selection of blocks which can be made up into a number of quilts.  This is just a sample of their lovely blocks! 

I would say the day was pretty successful. 

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