Grati-Tuesday and a special Happy Birthday

Written by AHQ

16 July 2013

Welcome to Grati-Tuesday.  

Before I launch into the thank you messages from everyone else for this week here is a thank you from me.  Laurel came to help me today and so a very big thank you to her. She made binding and sewed it on two quilts for me today which means two more quilts heading to Newcastle as soon as I can get to the Post Office.  As if that wasn’t enough, Evelyn dropped in and collected three quilts to take away and QUILT for me – two more for Newcastle! So a very big thanks to Laurel and Evelyn!  

Don’t forget the next sewing day at my home is next Tuesday.  We start around ten-ish and finish around three-ish.  I am going to try and run days every fortnight from now on and will just vary the day of the week as I know there are some of you that can’t make it some days.  I will try and share it around so that everyone gets a chance.  Email me if you would like the address.  

And now on with the really good stuff.

This message was posted on facebook for a quilt that Rita M made...

Newcastle received mail today and I received my quilt.  Would like to say a big thank you.  It was a big morale booster. I’ll be sending it home for my little one to have on his bed while I am away.  i won’t be needing it here as we are hitting 35 degrees at least.  Very much thanks to everyone at Aussie Hero Quilts.

Dear Debbie I just want to start off by saying a very big thank you for the quilt. It’s been a pretty taxing few weeks up here, I can’t even begin to explain how uplifting a simple package like that was. I love the design on the quilt, and there’s a few jealous bunnies fans in the mess who looked a little bit envious when I opened up the box in the rec room. The red frogs were an awesome addition and I agree that they do make life a little easier (even thought the Middle Eastern weather has gotten to them and it’s more of a massive single red frog now). 
I really enjoyed hearing about your family and your life in XXXXX. To hear that you and your family are hard working Aussies and have gone out of your way to make us boys some blanky’s makes the quilt  that much more meaningful. Honestly it’s hard to find many decent people in Sydney (our home port) any more. 
You’ve made a sailor very happy with your generosity 

Dear Jan-Maree, 

I received my quilt today! Its beautiful, and the laundry bag with my initials sewn on is very special. Thank you so much! Can you please let Beth know I received it and thank her for me? To receive a hand made quilt and laundry bag whilst on deployment is very much appreciated. I can see how much time and effort was put into it – I can’t thank you enough! 

First I received this thank you 

Good morning Jan-Maree,

I want to thank you so much for doing this for all us on board HMAS Newcastle, I know personally when I opened my package, this morning, I had the biggest smile on my face to know that someone back home was thinking about me and took the time to make me a beautiful Quilt and washing bag. It was a lovely surprise that it was made by the Chaplains family, it made it that much more special, he was there when I opened it. Once again, thank you very much.

And then the Chaplain’s family received this one and I thought it was so lovely I wrote to both the recipient and “Sir” (that would be the Chaplain) to ask if they are happy for me to share it.

Good Morning Sarah, Bec, Em, Erin and Matt,
I received my Quilt this morning and I love it, thank you so so so much, it was lovely to know that someone back home took the time and effort to make this for me and send it to me. Sir was there when I opened the package, he complained that I open packages like you, Sarah, as I was opening it to make sure I can use the box again. I tell him he does dad jokes all the time and sounds like my dad (I am 23).

I have been rather homesick the last few days so to receive this made me feel a lot better and I emailed my mum  and fiance very excited and told them all about it. It shall live on my rack (my bed) on the ship as it is rather chilly in the air conditioning. I get to hand out all the mail to the personnel on the ship and it felt like Christmas this morning with everyone coming out to packages in the rec space (area us girls get to relax in) everyone had big smiles on their faces.

again thank you and I hope you are all well. 

This gorgeous fellow has not yet received his quilt but wanted me to know he has not forgotten to let me know.  Now these are the sorts of fellows I love to make quilts for!  Wish I could do something to hurry his quilt up for him!

Just to let you know I haven’t received my quilt as of yet but I think it is waiting for me in the next port we pull in to. The Padre’ on board has instructed me to contact him and yourself as soon as I have received it. I’ll admit I’m pretty excited. Just thought I’d keep you in the loop in case you thought I had forgot. A lot of the other lads on board have received their quilts and Washing Bags and they’re so awesome!! Can’t wait to receive mine. Thank yo so much again for being able to make one for me!!! Will contact you soon.

Dear Jan-Maree, I received my quilt today! Its beautiful, and the laundry bag with my initials sewn on is very special. Thank you so much! Can you please let Beth know I received it and thank her for me? To receive a hand made quilt and laundry bag whilst on deployment is very much appreciated. I can see how much time and effort was put into it – I can’t thank you enough! Yours,

Dear Elinor,

It is with sincere gratitude that I inform you that I have received your wonderful gift today in the mail. Your quilt is of the finest quality and reminds me so much of home. I cannot express how much I appreciate all the hard work that has gone into creating such a beautiful patchwork. The colours match my room perfectly, and the Aussy theme make me feel like I have a piece of home with me.

Your thoughtfulness for us ‘Diggers’, in presenting us with these wonderful gifts, fills us with a sense of pride as Australians, and warms our hearts knowing that you are all thinking of us.

Thank you.

Gday Margaret,

I just received the amazing quilt this morning in the mail it is definitely to my liking,
your my Aussie hero for making it :). it has definitely made my year! thank you so much margaret have a great day, 
kind regards,

Dear Jan-Maree,

Toady I received a Laundry bag from yourself on the behalf of Natalie and I would just like to say a massive Thank You to you both.
It really was Amazing and I can’t believe that you both went to so much time and effort for someone you have never met. 

I just want you both to know how appreciative of you time, effort and resources. This has honestly made my day far brighter than I could ever imagine.
Thank you both very much.

Kind Regards,

        I just wanted to thank you for the laundry bag you have made for me, I love it, I can see it giving me many years of service, just to tell you a little bit about myself, I have been in the Navy for 25 years this month, and this is the fourth time i have been operationally deployed.

Thankyou again for your very kind gesture and as you have stated in your last paragraph,”thankyou for what you are doing”  I would like to say that straight back to you “thankyou”.

Best wishes 

This message was sent to me via Facebook and has been passed to Sue F who made the quilt.

I would like to send my gratitude and thanks for the stunning hours you give to such a good idea to show a bit/a lot of love to us over here.  It may not seem like much to people back home but it does mean the world to every sailor in HMAS Newcastle that has been so excited to receive a nice parcel from someone, and the quilts and bags are a very homely touch that has made a bit of emotion rise in the strongest and seasoned sailors.  I would also like to thank the beautiful individual who made mine.  It is excellent and I will keep and cherish it as this will be my last deployment before I get out of the Navy to concentrate on family life.  I wish all the luck and love in the world to your families…………………anyway thanks again and I’ll get back to work doing what I do best.

And this was another one from Facebook

Thank you so much for the most amazing lovingly made quilt.  Its pretty spectacular and it’s covered in cats just like I wanted…I was having a dreadful day yesterday and it made me ever so happy….To Fran T who sent this fantastic warm and comforting quilt I thank you so much….You’re so talented and giving.  I love it!  Thanks Aussie Quilt Heroes you are a selfless organisation and extremely giving of your time and effort.  🙂

And the last and most special message today goes to Elsie who is one of our Old Bags and the Dag.  Elsie, who is still sewing, turned 101 today!  WOW!
From all at Aussie Heroes and from all your fans around the deployed areas a very big happy birthday Elsie!  

Till next time……………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching!   JMxx

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  1. Jeann of Melton

    Happy Birthday, Elsie!

    I hope I am still sewing at 101. I want to be like Elsie when I grow up!! Only 35 years to go!

  2. Unknown

    I find it amusing when the service men and women call US the Aussie Heroes! It is clearly the other way around, but it so nice that they think of us that way.
    Happy birthday Elsie, I also hope Im sewing at 101!

  3. Sue Niven

    Happy birthday Elsie! what a great post! Love those letters and quilts.

  4. Janine C

    Happy birthday Elsie. I agree with Jeann's comment.
    And I love seeing the quilts with their new owners, so wonderful to have those photos.
    I hope the young fella who is letting JM know that he hasn't forgotten to remind her, gets his quilt really soon.


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