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1 July 2014

G’day all.
I am back safe and sound from warm and sunny Townsville.  Loved it up there, and loved meeting the people.  I will have few photos to share with you on Thursday night but mostly I just enjoyed hanging out with the gorgeous Kylie from Kabul!  
The gang in the Sinai Region of Egypt sent us a great group photo while I was away. 
Great to see so many happy faces.

Quilts made by (from left to right) Su, Anne H, Deni, Rita M, Bev, Liz, Sue N, Bev and Leanne.

The following letter is from Rita’s recipient in the above photo.

Hi Rita,
I would like to express my sincere thanks for the fantastic Liverpool FC quilt and wash bag, I cannot believe how wonderful it is and that you made this especially for me, that is such a kind hearted thing to do for someone.
It was great to read your letter and to understand your family history.

Your contribution to the morale of defence personnel and to those Australians deployed here in the Sinai on Operation MAZURKA cannot be measured and words are not enough to say thank you, what you are doing is quite simply beautiful.

I hope to keep in touch and if there is anything that we can do to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Once again, very many thanks.
Best wishes,

Good evening Bec,

Thank you for your quilt it’s great, I love diving, I actually wanted to join as a clearance diver when I first joined the navy 6 years ago but they were full at the time then I started to enjoy my current profession (boatswains mate).  Once again thank you for your quilt and your contribution to Aussie hero quilts, all the quilts are great and they really are a pleasure to receive.


Hi Debbie

I have to say that the quilt you made for me is absolutely perfect! It couldn’t have been any better in anyway, it is exactly what I was hoping for. And in my opinion it’s the best one that anyone has received here! So thank you so much for your work and effort; I greatly appreciate it!! I also appreciate the other goodies you put in the parcel for me! Thanks again!!

Sorry for such a brief reply! But we’re very busy at the moment, the second round of the presidential elections just finished and we’re just about to head into Ramadan. Hopefully nothing too exciting happens and we all get home by the end of next month!
I have to say again that the quilt is absolutely perfect! And thank you so much!!!


I am extremely busy here at the moment but I just wanted to let you know that I received the quilt that you have gifted me. I’m absolutely blown away by what you have sent. Alan is a lucky man to have such an amazing woman as his wife.
I will send you a more detailed email in a week or two but I just wanted to let you know that I have sent you a little gift that you should get within a couple of weeks. I hope it is something you will wear with pride because as far as I’m concerned you and your quilt making friends do just as much for your country as you praise us for. There are a lot of very happy soldiers, airmen/women and sailors here due to these gifts they receive from the special group you belong to and I am definitely one of those happy guys.
Anyway I just wanted to say a quick thanks and will catch up with you soon.
Take care


Good Morning, Leanne
I was the lucky lucky girl who received your beautiful blanket.   I opened your parcel and fell in love with my blanket. Thank you so very much.  My quilt is so detailed, as was your letter.
I dont think that I deserve to have such a quilt.  
I cant thank you enough for your beautiful gift. I will always keep it and remember you. 
I hope all the good deeds that you do for people get paid back to you.
Thank you so much again. I will take my blanket every where I go now. 
I look forward to hearing from you again.
Evelyn had a connection with the following recipient and that is why she was able to receive her quilt in advance.   

Annette has just given me the quilt you made for me prior to deploying to Afghanistan. 
I just love it! Thank you so very much, it will be so nice to have something from room in my tiny room overseas. I know all the other soldiers can’t wait to get theirs also. 
Such an honour to be recognised for our service to Australia. Thank you and best wishes from me and the rest of my deployment.


Hi Stephanie N,
My name is XXXXX, and you made me a laundry bag.
Thanks very much for that, it is heaps better than the old laundry bags we get here.
I’ve been in the Airforce as an Aircraft Technician for 6 years. I’ve been all over the world with work, and although it’s hard work, it’s rewarding. 
I am really keen to get home and see my family.
Thanks again for the laundry bag,

I apologise in advance for the late reply on the quilt that was sent. I thank Jenny F for the time and effort put into the quilt. I send my wishes to yourself and your amazing team
(this was a much longer email but I had to edit out most of it.)

Dear Mary.
Firstly thank you so much for the Manly Sea Eagle quilt and laundry bag you made for me, Its an item I can keep forever and remember the deployment by. Also thank you to your son Morris for his awesome drawings to help you. I received your package just after our mid deployment maintenance period,  It was quite the busy time for us.  This is my second deployment my first being in 2011. I swear it wasn’t as hot up here then, at the moment we are battling temperatures in the mid 40’s and the steel flight deck has been reaching temps of  70 deg so keeping the water up is tough and we are all looking forward to coming back to winter. 
Thank you again for my quilt it truly is appreciated 

Hi Sue

Hope you don’t mind the email, but I found your address in the card you sent with the laundry bag. I wanted to send a big thank you from myself here in Afghanistan for the bag, certainly makes you smile when you look at it, and know someone at home took the time to make such a thing. Its nice to feel that we have support at home and people who care about us.  
Presently being put to good use in its intended purpose, and will find a good home when I return home with my son.
Best wishes from a slightly warm Afghanistan


Dear Jan-Maree,

I was provided with a beautiful quilt today and informed that you were responsible for preparing and sending these to us. I am truly grateful for both the quilt but also for the kindness and generosity that you have provided in preparing such a lovely gift for a group of people that you have not met. I am certain that each quilt has been made with great concern for me and my colleagues and again I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness. It was greatly appreciated.
kind regards,

Good afternoon Jan-Maree,

Apologies for nor replying sooner. Yes I have received my quilt and laundry bag, they are wonderful and I have used them quite a bit on my tour.  

There are a number of our crew who have also received these quilts and we all love them. Its a very nice gesture and it makes all of us here feel appreciated.

I am due to leave in about 1 month and I am looking forward to heading home. There will be another crew arriving to replace us, so I’ll be sure to recommend requesting a quilt as they will be in Afghanistan when winter comes, and I’ve been told it can get extremely chilly!

Thanks again for the quilt, I really appreciate it.

Hello Irene,

I hope this email finds both you and your husband in good health. Firstly, I would like to thank you for the magnificent quilt which I received in the mail yesterday. Talk about a morale booster!! I woke up yesterday feeling like I have just gone out for a duck but as soon as I opened up that parcel and saw the quilt with the fox, Elvis and owls (And my beloved Fremantle Dockers), I was immediately cheered up. This quilt of yours will be an important treasure in my life.

Warmest regards

Stephanie – have just taken possession of your lovely laundry bag. Thank you.  I enjoyed reading your letter and hearing about your family.  It is always good to know that people are thinking about us over here.  I am down in Kandahar – south Afghanistan – with some 200 other Australians where we work with the Americans. We are well looked after, and the situation improves all of the time. It is a privilege to serve.

Thanks again.

That is all for today.

Till next time…………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!  JMxx

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