Grati-Tuesday 7th February 2023

Written by AHQ

7 February 2023

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Wow.  We are already into the second month of the year.  I am sure the world is spinning faster. LOL
You will love the last message to our awesome founder. It certainly made me all gooey inside.  Talk about appreciation.
So grab a nice cool beverage, sit back, relax and 
savour these beautiful messages! 
Hello Lyn K, 

I have recently received your quilt you made me and I love it, it is so beautiful (I’m sure its a nice change from making quilts with cars and boats – I know that’s what a lot of the boys request). I have returned from our deployment on HMAS Hobart and was fortunate enough to be home for Christmas after almost four months away.
I have been to the area where you live, not that town, but to Renmark where one of my friends family lives, where we loved our stay. Hopefully the flooding has eased up and everyone can go back to normal. 
I love the cold, I live in Sydney and its been very hot this week. My partner and I are travelling to NZ in April, hopefully get some colder climate hikes in and obviously enjoy some wine. 
Thank you so much for being a part of such a great cause, its always nice to get something comfortable and homey while we are away, and the timtams keep us thinking of home, though they didn’t last too long in a room full of girls. 
I live in an apartment, but have a few (fifty) indoor plants in my sunroom and trying to grow some tomatoes, zucchinis and chilli’s on the balcony and also love walking through nature. We did a walk while we were away, about 11km through the jungle in Okinawa, there were a lot of beautiful Hoyas, which I have at home in my indoor garden. 
That is awesome that you guys are into dancing, my friend is getting married in August, so she has made all of us go to dance lessons so she can learn to dance for her first dance, a little funny really. 
It sounds like you get to do a lot of travelling. I enjoyed Tasmania very much when I was there, though not as exciting when you have to spend most of the time working on a ship. 
Again, thank you so much for the quilt. I hope you enjoy 2023 and it brings lots of fun adventures.


Good morning Greg (Amy K & Ruth S),


Just sending an email to let you know I have received my quilt and laundry bag, they are absolutely amazing, I love them both so much!!


What you all do is such a wonderful thing, and brings a smile to so many people.


Apologise in the delay, things always seem to take extra long to make it to Tindal in the NT but they have finally arrived!  


G’day Amy & Jim K,

and thank you to Cathie J, for my wonderful laundry bag.


I am grateful for your efforts and recognition of members of the ADF. I proudly serve with my daughter and one of my sons is also in the Air Force. The theme is wonderful as I am passionate about saving flora and fauna from extinction. The ‘Animals in War’ print is so relevant. Regrettably our animal heroes are often forgotten.


Thank you for recognition of my service, which is only a few years away from 40!


Best wishes and thank you to all at Aussie Hero Quilts


Good afternoon Jan-Maree B,


I hope this email finds you well. 10 years ago you made a quilt for me and sent it over to Afghanistan where I was serving at the time.

I wanted to write and say thank you very much, for then and even now. I still use it regularly when I work night shift and am able to rest while at work. Each time I use it I fondly remember when I first got it and appreciate all the effort you went to making it for me.


Kind regards




Until next week keep your letters, emails and photos coming in.  

Tuesday’s would be so totally boring without them!
🌟 🌟 🌟






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