Another quilt in use…

Written by AHQ

8 February 2023

I love getting these messages.  A few years ago, when I was in the rehab pool at Mt Wilga I was introduced to another patient, an ex-RAAF and ex-RAN fellow.  We swapped contact details and before too long he became one of the team that came to my home to sew with my local team, now called the Garage Girls.  Eventually he was able to go back to work but we still kept in touch and eventually we made him his own quilt which he received just in time to go into hospital for some important surgery.  Well he is back in hospital again, another surgery, and of course, he has taken his quilt along with him to brighten his room and give him some comfort. 

Thanks for sending the photos mate! All the best for your recovery! We are cheering for you.  

Till next time, keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 

Jan-Maree xx

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