Grati-Tuesday 20 October

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20 October 2015

Well, I don’t know about the others who attended the dinner on Saturday night but I am still smiling from the words of our four recipients.  Next I will have to work out how to make some recordings so that we can share them with everyone. 

Till then you will have to make do with these words of gratitude. Some gorgeous messages here. Enjoy!!!

Hi Bev and Geoff

I received my quilt and laundry bag through the post yesterday. I’d just
like to thank you both very much for your time and efforts to make and send
me such a wonderful thing. It really put a smile on my face and I’m so very
appreciative of what you have done. 



Thank you so much for my parcels.  The quilt is awesome and a perfect size thank you. I love the laundry bag too.   I was on operations in Afghanistan last year and didn’t request a quilt or bag. I was so annoyed that I didn’t apply when all the boys’ quilts turned up.

Thank you again so much for my quilt and laundry bag. As it is very hot up here in the middle east I will most likely use it as my doona instead of the one I have at the moment.

All the best and thank you!

For Jenny and Gale.


I would like to thank both of you so much for the wonderfully crafted quilt that has been made for me. I’m amazed and touched by the dedication that the people behind ‘Aussie Hero Quilts’ show to those like myself who find themselves far from home serving a cause that, to those outside defence may seem slight, but those involved represents a huge personal commitment and sacrifice. Though I wouldn’t consider anything I do personally to be heroic in nature, it is the meaning behind the gift that makes me so proud to be on this deployment. The fact that there are people, such as the two of you, who give up their own time for others, gives what I do meaning, which, to me, is the most important gift of all.

The quilt, which would have been time consuming to create, and was very moving to receive. I really like the design, the way the diver has been sewn in is very well done and the fabrics used were beautiful. Thank you for supporting me, I cannot express enough how thankful I am.

It is an honour to serve our great nation, once again thank you for your efforts, it is very much appreciated, I am profoundly grateful for your support.

Good afternoon Ronda,

                        Thank you for the Quilt you made. I  have just received it in the mail. It is a great feeling receiving something from back home, especially when we are deployed for such a long period. Everyone who has received a quilt is amazed and are so proud to know that people back home are thinking about us everyday.

                        Well we are very busy and constantly doing our job with pride knowing we have such great support back home. I hope you and your family are well and enjoying time together. 

                        Ronda thank you again for the quilt, it is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Say hello to all your family and raise a glass of cascade beer over Xmas dinner for me.

Take care


G’day Leanne,

I just wanted to send you an email and thank you so much for the absolutely awesome quilt and washing bag that you made for me. They brightened up my dark little sleeping space and make it a nicer place to sleep. The reason why I love these 2 teams so much is because I was born in Melbourne and before I can even remember I had my first Collingwood top given to me by my God mother. When I was still quite young my family moved to a little town just outside XXXX (my Dad still lives there today). This is where I got my love for the Raiders and have supported them since they joined the competition.

Once again thank you so much for these cherished gifts. I’m sure I will have to fight all of my kids to keep them when I get home. They will take pride of place in my home and will be well looked after.


This following fellow is a Kiwi exchange member serving with our troops.  I think it is very important that we look after those who deploy with our troops, whilst on an exchange posting to Australia. I see it as part of being a good host country.

Hi Jan-Maree

Thank you so much for organising my fantastic Quilt and Laundry bag, it is such a lovely service your team provides and everyone really does appreciate it, I feel honoured that I have been included in the Aussie Hero Quilts Programme and can’t wait to show of my new gifts to my friends and family back home. 

I hope all is well back in Aus, I am still loving the deployment with my new mates and we are sure kicking goals when it comes to finding stuff during boardings.

Kind Regards


And for Bev and Geoff from the same fellow…

Dear Bev and Geoff

I have just received the Quilt and Laundry Bag you have made for me, at our last port visit.  Thank you so much, it is absolutely perfect and now have really spruced up my bunk on bed.   I am extremely grateful that you have gone above and beyond to tailor it for Size and a very fitting theme for my ANZAC Exchange which I will treasure. Not only did I really love the Quilt and Laundry bag but I was also humbled you put in some Tim Tams and Snakes which I actually tucked into straight away (sharing them with the lads of course) as I haven’t had a sugary treat in a while and it was the perfect excuse!

You, Geoff, Jan Maree and the rest of the Aussie Quilt Heroes Team provide a fantastic service to the ADF, and I feel privileged to have been included in it. – This is my first deployment and also first exchange.   The Aussies are taking very good care of me and I have made heaps of mates for life.

I am pleased to hear you have been to NZ because a surprisingly few number of my new friends onboard have been despite us being close neighbours with affordable flights, but now since they have met me I am encouraging them all to come over and visit.

Once again I really do love the quilt.   I just wanted to let you know ASAP how much I love the Quilt, bag and Treats.

Many Thanks and Kind Regards

Good afternoon Sophie

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you very much for the western-theme patterned laundry bag. It is very much appreciated and will get a lot of use.


Wow. Got my laundry bag today, its awesome. In fact its so good I think its too good for laundry and I might get it converted into a cushion. Anyway, its definitely getting pride of place when I get home. Thanks a lot


Hello from my ship HMAS Melbourne in the Middle East, I am pleased to advise you that I have recently received your quilt, laundry bag and goods. I must say I am very impressed and delighted with what you had made for me.

I would like to thankyou for taking the time and effort to make a quilt and laundry bag for me. It put a smile on my face when I had opened the package to see it with a few of my favourite things on them.
I was also very fond of your husbands creative postcards that you kindly sent. The photos on them were just brilliant (keep up the good work Stan).

I would also like to thank you and your group of ladies at Aussie Hero Quilts on behalf of everyone on HMAS Melbourne for doing the work you do and we appreciate it more than words can say. It is heart warming to know that what we do in the services is truly valued by regular everyday Aussies. When all the crew have received a quilt we are all going to be in a picture to be sent back to Aussie Hero Quilts. I will be sure to send you a copy of this.

Thanks again and kind regards 

Dear Jenny and Gale,

I received the lovely quilt you made for me yesterday and was blown away.
Thank you so very much, it is fantastic! I LOVE the maths fabric you found it is perfect J. The detail and effort you have put in is very much appreciated and I am very humbled that you (and all the other quilters) have spent your time and energy to make such wonderful gifts for all of us.
I will endeavour to take photos for you and the web site as soon as I can.

Please keep up the fantastic work you are doing and know that the joy and happiness you send in each box is appreciated  – not just by the recipient but by everyone around as well.
Best wishes to you and your families 

Kind Regards

Hello Bev, 

Thank you very much for spending the time to make and send such a nice laundry bag (and Tim Tams) to me whilst deployed to the Middle East with 2SQN, Royal Australian Air Force. 

Your kindness and generosity makes our time away from our families that little bit easier. 

Kind regards, 

Dear Jean,

        I would like to start by apologizing for my tardiness with replying to you but I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the magnificent laundry bag you made for me. It lifted my spirits at a time during this deployment when I was starting to feel a little down, so once again I say thank you.  

Once again I would like to thank you for your time and dedication to this cause, the quilts and laundry bags received from all the quilters onboard have been well received and have helped to lift the spirits of people on board. 

   Good morning Leah,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the quilt you sent me. It was exciting to receive a package at the end of a long patrol here in the Middle East.

It was equally exciting to hear that you enjoyed making the quilt, I’m guessing you guys probably do a little groan (though not audible) when you get another footy team request. It also gave me a chuckle that you understood the meaning of the pineapple in relation to the military ;). Needless to say quite a few of the guys onboard are jealous of my quilt.
I also noticed the fabric softener straight away, there may have been a point where there was 5 guys smelling the quilt.
Thank you also for the goodies that accompanied the quilt, it’s fair to say the Tim Tams didn’t last to long, I practically inhaled them.
Thank you also for your sincere appreciation.  A lot of what we do out here gets forgotten amongst the modern 24 hour news cycle, but it is good to know that some people understand what we go through, especially since your husband is in the Army.
It was also good to read about yourself, your family, pets and what you are doing, it took my mind off of work for a little while.
Thank you again for the quilt Leah and keep up the great work!
I wish yourself, Flynn and your husband (oh, and Jinx and Boofa) all good health



Good afternoon Helen,

Just a short email to say many thanks to both you and the other members of the Liverpool Catholic Club Quilters for the laundry bags.

Laundry bags are always well received by all members of our Task Group here in Afghanistan and always coming in handy for courses and when travelling with work back in Australia.

Many thanks again for all your hard work, appreciation and support.

Hi Lynn,

I’m writing to say thank you for the blanket and bag you made. 
They were a wonderful surprise when we received the mail in the last port.
It’s nice to receive these things and know that people back home like yourself are thinking of us over here.
The detail and design of both the blanket and bag are wonderful. The best thing is that on my return my two boys will be able to continue to use your handy work. My boys were very excited when I told them I have a Peter Rabbit and Fireman Sam blanket and bag.

Thank you again,

Kind regards,

Good afternoon Linda F

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you very much for the kind regards and the “red lips” patterned laundry bag. It is very much appreciated and will get a lot of use.

Weather-wise, I could do with a dose of cooler weather about now. More humid here than I had originally thought, and hotter than an Australian summer, although it has cooled down to almost-tolerable levels lately and hopefully will improve further.


More people are making the time to get into the War Memorial and check out the Centenary Quilt.  This is Leanne’s friend Elizabeth..  Don’t forget the quilt will now be on display till the end of  January. If you are not sure where to find it just head to the Afghanistan Display, that can direct you to that at the front counter. Look to the left of it and you will see a huge portrait of Ben Roberts-Smith.  We are directly opposite Ben.

Leanne’s friend Elizabeth

Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!
Jan-Maree  xx

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