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2 July 2019

G’day all

I hope you have a few minutes to check out these great messages. 


First up, a couple of awesome photos that I can now publish.  The first features a gorgeous quilt by Ellen 

and the next is an equally beautiful quilt by Vicki from Coffs Harbour.


Dear Sheena
Thank you so much for the amazing quilt. Not only is it beautiful and perfect but I received it on Mother’s Day.  I am originally from Newcastle and both my husband and myself are in the army.  We have three kids and have travelled a lot around Australia on postings. Every time we drive throughout Australia we try to spot the windmills because I love them.  We also like the boab trees because they are different.   We have been to the Kimberley and currently live in North WA.
I hope you enjoy your trip to QLD and NT as they are states with different scenery to NSW.  Spot the Lizards on the side of the road. 
Thank you again for the quilt. It really has made my week. 
Good morning Beverly U,
I have received the quilt that you designed and created. I love it! It will definitely go on my bed while I dream of St. Kilda wins (which are rare!) I also loved reading about your family and their time in the South African Military.
I belong to the Theatre Communications Group over here in the Middle East and I look after about 20 young women and men who look after the IT communications. They are a fantastic bunch of young adults and doing a wonderful job.
I have been in the Air Force for nearly 23 years now and I am married with 2 girls. Though I miss them a lot, I think this deployment has been a little easier for me this time.

The weather here is very hot, most days are about 45C and apparently will get hotter over the next month or so before cooling down. We had a little bit of rain and storms in our first few weeks, but nothing since. I’m amazed that anything grows here!
Once again, thank you for my quilt (and the snakes!), I think my smile in the photo says it all.
Take care,
Dear Bridget,
Thank you!  Thank you for the wonderful quilt I received whilst deployed to Iraq.  This was everything I hoped for and provided much warmth and comfort during a cold winter.  Thank you for your 40 years of service to nursing.  As a nurse myself, I have so much respect for those who dedicate their lives for caring for others.  Thank you for thinking of our service members and now supporting them through this wonderful way.
Jan-Maree is a wonderful woman, but without the support from the large group of volunteers the amazing efforts of Aussie Hero Quilts wouldn’t be possible.
It’s nice to hear about your family and I’m glad they’ve found their place within this world.  I know this letter is delayed and I’m sorry.  The tempo on deployment was high and days blended into weeks and months.
I was deployed as a nursing officer coordinating medical evacuations.  I was an embed in an environment with coalition members from many nations.  
Yours sincerely,
Dear Bridget,
It was a lovely surprise to receive your quilt in the mail today.  I must admit I was a bit confused about the “Anne of Green Gables” references until I read your letter… makes perfect sense now.  Knowing that the fabric came from our great mates in Canada makes it even more special!  So many, many thanks for all your hard work.  I absolutely love it.
Thanks also for the letter about yourself and your family.  It really is a great honour to represent Australia in any way, when you think that we are representing good people like yourselves all the way over here in Afghanistan.
My job over here is to mentor 2 female instructors at the Afghan National Army Officer Academy, just a little way outside Kabul.  It’s very interesting and quite inspirational to work alongside women who want to serve their country in a country where women face so many challenges on a daily basis.  Every day makes me recognise how lucky we are back home in Australia.
Thanks again to you, Jan-Maree and all the amazing and talented sewing ladies who create masterpieces for us folk all across the world.  It is truly and deeply appreciated.
Hi Robyn,
Thank you so much for my quilt, I love it! My work mates and I are amazed at your skills, it is truly amazing. It really means a lot to me that you have taken the time and effort to create one of the best quilts I’ve seen for me.
It appears you and your husband are very talented. I’d love to see a photo of the doll house you described in your letter.
I was on a course last year and spent some time at Penrith and hiking in the Blue Mountains. Beautiful place. I am hoping to get a posting there so I can explore the area further.
Thank you for sharing some of the history of your area, I had no idea. It is really interesting. Next time I am around that area I will have to look into the history further.
I really like the Victorian fashion panel on the quilt. I love those dresses. My young daughters sometimes wear the older style dresses and it’s beautiful. I love it, it makes them look extra adorable. I do miss them and my partner a lot.
Thank you again for my amazing quilt.
Good afternoon Jan-Maree,
My quilt and laundry arrived today!
Many many thanks to the quilter for her amazing work! I can’t tell you how much it is appreciated! 
Our deployed team had a buzz of excitement and smiles all around receiving our fabulous quilts.
Dearest Sue,
I love it. Love it, Love it!!  I absolutely love and adore my laundry bag. My whole team were blown away to see it. Not only is it glorious looking but the quality is superb. Everything else in my surprise package was also wonderful. Tim Tams are like currency over here, and l love hot chocolate. You are extremely kind for doing all this, thank you. Your card also reminded me of home, l am Victorian but being a “RAAF Brat” l did quite a lot of growing up in Canberra. I know where Bowral is and it is such a magical place. I have just celebrated 30 years in the Air Force and still have the passion for the job and the people. But to allow new fresh ideas to come up through the ranks, l may look at retiring in about 5 or so years.
I am married to an ex Navy gentleman and l have a beautiful-souled daughter at home too, and a
number of step children, l love them all to bits. I was super jealous about the changing leaves and
the coolness. At the moment we are getting up to 34c and it isn’t even summer yet! We are very
blessed to have air conditioning. Sue, thank you again for my beautiful laundry bag. I was wondering if you thought my request was odd, Poppies due to the ANZAC’S and Remembrance Day but donkeys because Simpson and his donkey really captured my heart and really define our values, but also l have done some volunteer work at Joy Miniature Donkeys and they are just so beautiful.
Sue, your kindness has certainly shaped my deployment/tour and l will pass this down to my daughter in many years to come.
With warmest and kindest regards
Dearest Ellen,
I haven’t stopped parading my beautiful quilt to everyone. It is a real celebration when someone receives their quilt or laundry bag.

I am searching for more descriptive words to tell you how wonderful it is. As I mentioned, you’re giving not only your time but your skill and imagination.

You mentioned that you were the lucky one selected to do the quilt. Well, Ellen, I reckon I was the lucky one.

I come from a long line of Defence family. My parents, brother, husband and father-in-law have all served and I am in the Air Force. I have been in 30 years and have absolutely loved the whole 30 years. It is in my blood.

At home I have my beautiful husband who runs our macadamia farm all on his own. I have a superb teenaged daughter who has learnt resilience by me being away. Her emotional intelligence has grown so much. I am so proud of her. I have a stepson who is in the Navy.

I loved hearing about your camping trips. Once I leave Air Force I have told my husband that this is something I would like to do.

Ellen, thank you again for my beautiful quilt. I sent a photo to a lady I did volunteer work for. I used to go every Sunday to work at Joy Miniature Donkey Farm. I just love donkeys so much. I was hoping to get some on our farm, but maybe at our next property.

I wish I had more ways to express my thanks but the minute I opened the box I burst into tears. This quilt will be something I pass onto my daughter and hopefully pass down generations that will go with the story of my deployment overseas.

Wishing you the very best of life and safe travels on your wonderful camping adventures.

Warmest of hugs and kindest regards,
Dear Luisa,
My sincere thanks for your kindness and generosity with the quilt. It is beautifully made and no doubts, a great piece of memory of my time in Kabul in years to come.
This deployment has certainly been an interesting experience. As a team we work with our Afghan partners every day, and this has given us a great insight to their daily challenges and things that matter to them; many of which we take for granted. They all hope for peace but know it won’t be easy.
Thank you again for your support to our soldiers. Being away from home and our families, it is always heart-warming to receive support from back home. Thank you for your service.
G’day mate,
First of all, good job on the laundry bag. It’s great, well designed with quality workmanship.
We live in Townsville where I am currently posted, and my two boys love their sports just like your family.

We love fishing and crabbing. The boys play football (Rugby League) in winter and cricket in the Summer. They have also done Boxing in the past.  We have moved all over Australia with Defence, and the boys have done a lot of stuff.

I am a vehicle mechanic in the Army, and work on a large range of specialist equipment.  I deployed to Afghanistan in 2013 and spent 9 months deployed over there.  Earlier this year we were tasked with the evacuation and clean up after the floods here in Townsville.  It was great to read about your family and all the support you give defence and veterans.  I thank you for your support, it means a lot, to know our work is appreciated.
Stay safe.
Hi Su,
I have just received the quilt and laundry bag that you made for me and what can I say but wow! When I put in the request it was a bit of a long shot but you absolutely nailed it. Such amazing work! Thank you so much for your effort and it is really appreciated what you do for us. You definitely made mine and everyone that I work with in the hospital’s day when I opened the package.
I wish you and your husband all the best and hope that he gets back to good health soon enough.
PS. Love the XXXX touch!

Kind regards,


Thank you to all the dedicated and talented volunteers at Aussie Hero Quilts for my quilt and laundry bag.

Till next time keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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