Grati-Tuesday 14 Feb

Written by AHQ

14 February 2017

Love a smiling recipient.  Not much more we could ask for is there.

Enjoy the messages today.


Hi Jan, I got my quilt today, thanks so much, it’s great, and please pass onto Wendy F that I’m really grateful for both the items, I received the LB just under a week ago,


Good evening Jacqui,

I just wanted to let you know that I received your absolutely beautiful Aussie Hero Quilt! I actually received it just before Christmas, so I apologise for my late message! Anyway, just thought I’d send you a picture of me with the quilt – everyone has been telling me it is one of the best they have seen! I am really happy with the design you have chosen, it represents everything I was hoping, and I really like the colour you have used on the back, it is my favourite colour! I am very much looking forward to displaying it in my house back in Adelaide – I will be home soon, so I look forward to that! I intend to keep the quilt in my family as an heirloom that I can pass down to my children and so on, so your wonderful crafts-womanship (don’t think it is a word but I like it!) will be a part of my family for generations to come! So thank you for taking the time to create such a beautiful work of art, I very much appreciate your time and absolutely loved receiving it!!!

Thank you also for the handcream and macadamia nuts – maccas are my favourite, so I devoured them and I am very much enjoying the handcream over here in the desert!!!

Hello Fran…this is to say thank you for your lovely laundry bag which I received the other day.  The day I received it it was my birthday which made it extra special as I was really missing my wife and two daughters. You are very clever and I will treasure it…thank you

Dear Sandra, 

Your gift of a quilt and laundry bag arrived today. I can’t thank you enough. Despite the fact that we’re in the desert it actually gets quite cold after the sun goes down in the northern hemisphere winter which it is right now. 

I really do appreciate the support and the gifts, as do all of us here in the Middle East. We are as proud of you and Australia as you are of us. Thanks again. 



Dear Susan,

I received the quilt and wash bag that you made for me. I wanted to express to you my gratitude for them and let you know that I love them and really appreciate them.

I have enjoyed my deployment so far but it is definitely a lot harder being away from home now that my little family has grown by one. 

I loved reading about you and travels. 

Well thanks again Susan, I am glad you took on my quilt and hope that you have the time to provide the great service to more of us over here. It is greatly appreciated and will add some colour to my room, it will also be a treasured memory of my time here!

Best regards,


G’day Jan-Maree,

I received my Aussie Hero Quilt and Laundry bag yesterday from Sandra D in South Australia. I’ve sent her an email thanking her for her work and her kind letter. A couple of other members of my team received theirs yesterday as well so on their behalf I’d like to say thank you to you and your wonderful team of quilters and volunteers. Your work is very much appreciated, especially now that the weather over here has turned cold. Despite being a desert, it was 8 degrees this morning! When the sun goes down its quite cold so the quilts in particular are much sort after. 

The laundry bags are great because when you have your washing in the standard blue nylon bag supplied it becomes quite difficult to find it, especially when others take it from the washing machine and place it in a drier. Having a unique bag makes life a little easier. It may not sound like much but when you’re on a long deployment in a very closed environment  its the little things that begin to grind you after a while.

Once again, thank you for your support and for the work you do, its very much appreciated by all of us here on operations.



Dear Joan,

You have no idea how timely this bag was! And how appropriate it is to me as a fan as a child and as a Thomas. Many soldiers have benefited from the good will of you and many others. Thank You.

On behalf of the soldiers of  Task Group TAJI


Dear Joy,
Thank you so much for the wonderful quilt you made me, I appreciate both the thought and the effort that goes in to what you do. I have one 3yr old daughter(well she turns three the week before I return home), and she will love picnicking and building cubbies with me when I return. I hope this finds you and your family well. Kindest Regards,

Thank you for the latest batch of laundry bags, all received in time for Christmas. Thank you, the South Australians initiated me into the delights of fruit chocs as they were received with extra glee by those who call SA home. The Gryphon quilt looks incredible, so much detail and the sky looks so real.

The laundry bags are a very practical gift, a rite of passage for many of our deployed members, and a touchstone for good memories upon their return. Thank you for your generosity, creativity and support, our troops do appreciate it. I hope you received at least one thanks with a photo!. May God bless you and your loved ones, and your sewing machine. God Bless

Good afternoon Jan-Maree,

This email confirms I have received both my beautiful Aussie quilt and Laundry bag in absolutely perfect condition. I will keep this email to the point because I am writing a letter to both quilters(cc’d to this email)  individually and would like to attach a photo as well. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to you, your quilters and to your organisation. You bring joy and happiness to all who receive your gifts and great anticipation to each person especially when opening up our packages.

You and your quilters are so imaginative with your designs.How you meet some of our crazy design requests is beyond me but is an absolute credit to you all.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kindest Regards


Good Morning Jan, Tasmin, Marelle and friends

I have just received the quilt that you sent, and I have to commend you and the others on such a great job that you did.

At this time of the year here it is pretty cold so I took great pride on placing this on top of my blanket on my bed for extra warmth.

I always take great pleasure on knowing that there are organisations like yours that are out there.

I would also like to thank you for the post card, pen and the pin.

Once again well done and good work, I wish you all the best.


Dear Maree

Thank you so much for your package. I have been waiting patiently since Jan-Maree sent me an email saying that my quilt had been posted.   I was on night shift when my quilt arrived and my boss called me to come in and open it so the whole building could see it, they were all in awe.

I started my working life as an apprentice chef. I enlisted in the Air Force as an 18 year old apprentice cook. I completed my apprenticeship and spent the first 4 years of my career at RAAF Tindal in the remote NT. In 2014 I took a career change to Air Surveillance Operator which moved us back to SA. Shortly after moving I got the news that I would be going to the Middle East which is an experience I have waited for my entire  career.

Once again I would like to thank you for your outstanding effort and I’m sure when I return home my daughters will fight over who gets to use the quilt. It will no doubt become a treasured family heirloom and a reminder of the care and thought you have.

Kind regards

Dear Kaye, Thank you so much for the laundry bags.
The troops really appreciate your generosity and creativity . For many of our troops receiving a laundry bag is a rite of passage for deployment, a touch stone for good memories when they return and a practical gift that reminds them each time they do washing that there a proud Aussies at home supporting them.
May God bless you and your loved ones, and your sewing machine!

Thank you

Good afternoon Joan and Robin and thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into Aussie Hero Quilts. 

I absolutely love the Batman laundry bag, my 2 year old son is a big batman fan and everyday I see it reminds me of him. 

I thank you also for your son’s service with the Royal Australian Navy and that you know full well how much enjoyment can come from the effort you and your organisation does for your country’s serving members. 

Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart, my mother in law and wife dabble in the world of sewing and I know how much effort is required. I have attached a photo of myself as requested, and I will enjoy this bag for the remainder of my tour and well into the future.

Have a splendid day 🙂


Hi Lisa R, I hope you don’t mind me messaging you. Thank you so much for my quilt. I love it! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in!  I absolutely love it! The pattern actually reminds me of a kangaroo!  And it’s really warm at night! 

Thank you for all the time and effort you put in. It really means a lot. I was so happy when I received my package and had the biggest smile on my face, it really made my day 🙂 thank you for the lollies and popcorn!


Till next time, keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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  1. Jacqui D

    Great messages once again….I agree the last quilt, the pattern looks like stylised kangaroos? Excellent!


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