Grati-Tuesday 11 February 2020

Written by AHQ

11 February 2020

Hey All,

Here are this week’s gratitude messages.  Grab a cuppa and have a read.

To Noelene & Jim,
I am currently posted to Adelaide.  I am 20 years old and have nearly been in the army for 3 years.  Before I joined the army I lived and grew up in Hervey Bay.  I have 2 brothers, 13, and 19.  I have been deployed overseas now for 3 and a half month and I have a few months left to go.  So far I am really enjoying my time over here I have made heaps of new friends from all over the world.  I work in logistics so I help plan and co-ordinate movement of passengers and cargo.

I am very grateful for everything you sent me!  You did an amazing job on the washing bag.  I love it and will use it forever.

I think its truly amazing what you do.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and I hope you have a great New Year.

WOW, Lynn

You have made my day, month and year! Thanks you so much. I know I had a bit of a different request, but if you recall my quilt had a tiger, turtle and Scooby-doo, which are my family. We all have an animal that we associate with. I can definitely see your flare for design with all of those years of experience in costume design shining through and I am so grateful that you made my quilt.
I hope you realise that the work that you and the other seamstress’/tailor’s (I am not sure if you have any male members) do is more than greatly appreciated. It is such a morale boost, with everyone comparing their personalised laundry bags and bragging about how their quilt is better.
Can you thank Philomena and Bev U for me as well please.
Again I cannot thank you enough.  


Hi Cath
Thank you so much for both my laundry bag and quilt.  They are both fantastic and people have asked to see photos or the items physically.  I am very appreciative of the work you have put in for me with these items.

In response to telling me about yourself I will reciprocate.  I am married (25 years in April) and have two daughters.  They are holding down the fort while I am deployed.  They are ably assisted by two rabbits (Polly and Pepper) and a cockatiel (Dusty).  The fish don’t do much to help.

I have served more than 22 years in Defence (5 ½ years I was in the Navy) and have been at Richmond for the last 5 years.  All my service has been in the Supply field.  I have also served at HMAS Cerebus (Vic), HMAS Waterhen (Sydney), HMAS Cairns, HMAS Launceston ( a Fremantle class patrol boat running out of Darwin) and HMAS Coonawarra (also in Darwin).  In the RAAF I have served at RAAF Wagga, Williamtown (near Newcastle), Townsville and Richmond.

Thank you for the love and prayers that have gone into my laundry bag and quilt.  They are items that I will keep and cherish not just through this deployment, but for a long time.  My daughter is eyeing off the quilt using the reverse side as she is a Cowboys fan from our time there.

Thank you again and I encourage you to do whatever you can with Aussie Hero Quilts.  I certainly appreciate your work.

Best regards from your Brother in Christ


Hi Fran,
I recently received my quilt from you and it is fantastic. Thank you very much. The work in it is amazing.
I started my defence career in the RAN in 1998 and have completed multiple operational deployments. I was never thanked on a personal level for that work so for you to do so for this latest deployment was really nice and very much appreciated.
I was initially apprehensive about getting a quilt  but I’m glad I did. I am married with three girls under 16. They are impressed with my quilt  and I feel it has made a positive impression on them.

Thank you ,


Dear Susan,
I really appreciate the Aussie quilt that you have made for me with an eagle on it.  I believe your special meaning to me.  I do love the washing bag that you have made.
I work as computer engineer here and make sure everyone’s computer and services are running fine.  My Team is really great and matured here with lovely people.
Warm regards


Hi Sue,
Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift. I really liked the laundry bag and the Tim Tams (shared it with all the guys in my team).
 I can’t wait to be back at home with my girlfriend.

Best of Regards.


Dear Jenny,
I would like to express my sincerest and heartfelt gratitude for the incredible North Melbourne AFL quilt and Laundry bag you made for me. I am absolutely blown away with how kind, thoughtful and talented you are in creating a masterpiece like that.
It is my pleasure and an absolute privilege to serve our beautiful country, and I am ready and willing as always, to give my life up for her and the Australian people and her allies.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do and for your kindness you extend to all the troops. I have seen first-hand how excited and grateful they all are for their gifts.
Kind regards,


Hi Jenny W
WOW!!!! Thank you so much for the laundry bag. We think it is amazing how all of the bags are so different and awesome, often comparing them and bragging how our personalised bag is better than the other person’s.
However, we are probably like your son and think that we are just doing our jobs, and that the effort that Aussie Hero quilts go to just for us is more amazing.
I’m glad you liked Elton John, I am seeing him in Townsville, at the end of the month. Which should be good.

Again Thank you for your gift.

Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching.

Jan-Maree xx

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