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9 December 2014

This gorgeous young lady received a quilt made by Gail and quilted by Robin and a laundry bag made by me. A big shout out to her mother too as she has been a big supporter of Aussie Heroes for quite some time.  It is rather lovely when you get to return the favour just a little.


Dear Evelyn

Thankyou for the beautiful quilt. It looks great on my bed and makes my room look a little more homely. When the mail arrived that day people gathered around to have a look. They were all immediately impressed with your design. I took some photos and sent them to my mum and dad. My dad was so impressed  with the concept he contacted Aussie Hero Quilts to say thank you.
I have been deployed many times but this is the first time I have had access to the idea of the quilts. I have to say I love it. For people, particularly those younger members on their first deployment, it is really important that they see and appreciate the support from people at home.
I have been
 In the the airforce for almost 23years and I have loved almost every day of it. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I am married and have a 1teenage son. He is thinking about joining the army. My husband is also in the Airforce.
Once again Thankyou, I look at the quilt and it makes me think of home. Your support to those deployed members is appreciated by a great many people. I can’t thank you enough.

Kind regards

Hi Irene!

You made a quilt for me whilst I was overseas! I apologise for the extremely late response but I would just like to thank you so very much for making it for me!!! I’m using it right now!!

Since getting back from overseas I have been away on a course, which has now finished! We are winding down as the end of the year approaches! 

I hope this finds you well, and I wish you all the best an a very merry Christmas!!

Thankyou so much


I recently just got back from my ROCTFA  (leave) and was happy to return to my Aussie Hero Quilt package waiting for me. I apologise for taking a while to reply (been a bit busy) but I’m stoked to receive it. It really means a lot that you would take time out of your day to create something for me, it’s a huge morale boost! I can tell that a lot of time and care went into creating my quilt and laundry bag, and for that I am ever grateful. Being a young Australian on deployment can be tough but now I have something to remind me of home, and also to remind me of the hardships and experiences endured throughout my first deployment. I will no doubt hold onto both gifts for the remainder of my career in the Army, and into whatever career I transition into  after that. Once again thank you, it really does mean a lot receiving gifts from back home.

Thank you for all that you do! from all deployed here in Kabul,


What a surprise I have received over the last couple of days.   Thankyou for passing on my name to your mother. I will be forever grateful for the quilt and laundry bag she made for me. (I have emailed her personally) To all the ladies at Aussie Hero Quilts, thank you for you wonderful support. The happiness you bring to all the lads and ladies is amazing. Thanks again mate, words cannot express how appreciative I am of your thoughtfulness and the wonderful work your mother has done in doing this for me.

Hello Su,

Thank you so much for making a laundry bag. On my second day in Kabul our orderly room asked if I would like to pick a Laundry Bag. I picked yours it is my favorite colour green and covered with very very cute little birds. The other side has Hobart which is perfect as its the last state capital I need to say I’ve seen them all. Thank you again. Picking the bag was the highlight of a daunting day in a new place.  

Cheers from Kabul


Hello Michele

Thank you very much for the Quilt and
the laundry bag. It was such a surprise in the mail. We have been very
busy up in the gulf. As you can guess I cant really go in to work to much.

The Quilts the crew have received have
definitely brightened up the messes. I’m over happy with my one. It is perfect
for the ship. Since the temperature is pretty hot up here.

My mum is involved in sewing and knitting
for charities in the sunshine coast Qld. She is always at the sewing class
with the other ladies. They all love knitting for the charities. I will
be showing her the Quilt in the New Year when I head home for a January
Xmas with my family.

Right I have to get back to work. I
really appreciate the effort and hard work you have put into the Quilt.
I will be using it for years to come and I’m so happy to know that we have
so much support in Australia.

Thank you 

I just received your parcel and I must say both the quilt and laundry bag are absolutely amazing!!
They far surpass any expectations I had. Having Sean Connery’s signature on the quilt is the icing on the cake. I really appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into these items as well as your lovely letter.  I truly believe I have the best quilt and bag in the detachment.

Currently in my down time I have been re-reading the original Ian Flemming Bond novels so it almost seems serendipitous that this has arrived when it has.  
Keep up the great work that you do. It really does make a difference at this end. I can assure you that this quilt will be with me and my family for a very long time. It’s definitely a keeper. 

Thank you so much once again… made my day!

Not all the thank you messages I receive come when the quilts arrive. Occasionally I receive a quick meesage from someone who has been home for a while. They are prompted for whatever reason to get in touch and say hi.  This week I received one such message from someone requesting a quilt for their best friend.  This is part of what they say. Cant share it all or I might give too much away to the best friend.  Wont share the photo either for the same reason but you have actually already seen it!

Hi, this is me with my beautiful quilt that I received while I was in AFG 2013/2014!

This quilt brightened my room and made me feel so special. It also now takes pride of place on my bed at home in Australia.  

Thank you so much for all you do. You may not always receive the feedback, but your quilts are loved by all. 


Till next time………………..keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree xx

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