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13 July 2017

G’day all

Tonight I am calling for people to make some blocks and send them in… are you interested?

As you all know, we are preparing for our Annual Aussie Hero Dinner.   Last year we had a print from Digger Art, a voucher from Lone Pine Medals, a Bear from the Military Shop and quilt donated by the wonderful Lucy Carroll.   

Last year’s auction proved to be very entertaining (largely thanks to one of our amazing Chief Petty Officers who shall remain nameless but if you were there you know who she is!!!).   This year I would like to have another Auction.

Now what could we auction ………

What is one thing that you just can’t buy….. normally…. 

An Aussie Hero Quilt!! 

and what could be more exciting than having one quilt to Auction?  

How about three awesome quilts?  

Tonight I will reveal the details of two of them.  

First, we are going to Auction one of our gorgeous ANZAC Themed quilts.   Lynn has kindly offered to design a quilt based around our small poppy blocks and the silhouette of a soldier, taken from a photo.

Secondly, we are going to auction an Aussie themed quilt.   Sandy has kindly offered to design and assemble this quilt as well, using blocks you send in. 

Finally, we are going to auction a Wallabies themed quilt but you will get the details on that in coming weeks. Standby.  Gail has volunteered to design and assemble this one. 

So, how do you get involved???

Easy peasy, you can make a block for one or both of the quilts and send them in. To avoid confusion, when you register to make a block you will be emailed the instructions so that each block is mailed to the correct address.

Blocks need to be in the mail no later than 7 August 17 please

You must REGISTER if you want to be a part of these quilts.   

Here is what is involved…..

For the Poppy Blocks 
For this quilt we are going to use the SMALLER version of the poppy blocks we use in our Fallen Warrior Quilts.   I try to keep our 8″ blocks for our very special quilts that honour fallen defence members but for our special ANZAC Themed quilts we can use 6 1/2 inch version of the block and this actually allows more people to be involved. Lynn is creating a tutorial which will be emailed to you once you register.  These blocks must be only red, and green with a solid black centre. The fabric can be plain or tone on tone but no other colours please. 

Please do not forget to REGISTER as we only need 49 of these blocks. 

Aussie Blocks

These Aussie blocks will be based around an Aussie fabric that you will be sent.  To register you will need to EMAIL me (no texts, Facebook messages or comments, EMAIL only please) and you need to include your postal address to make it easier for me.

Normally I would ask you to send me a Stamped-self-addressed envelope to send your fabric to you in, but for the sake of expediency please only send me a $1 stamp.  If you email me tonight or tomorrow I will take the addresses with me to Penrith on Saturday when I will have a helper who can address envelopes for me, cut fabric and prepare it to be posted to you.   All I will then have to do is add the stamp to your envelope as it arrives. 

Now to the block…..
You will receive a square of Australian fabric.  That fabric is to be incorporated into your block in whatever way you choose.   You may use applique, embroidery or piecing.  

The finished block must be able to be trimmed to 9 and a half inches but we would like you to make your block ten inches.  The blocks will be trimmed by Sandy.  Any that are too small will not be able to be used on the front and will have to be included on the back. 

There is no specific block design.  You can make whatever you like as long as it can be trimmed to 9 and a half inches. 

Again please REGISTER to make one of these blocks as we only need 32 of them. 

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