Gammill Quilting Machine for sale…..

Written by AHQ

19 July 2017

Hi all 
This is an unusual one but I figured a blog post just might help.   One of our recipients wrote and told me that his mother was an avid quilter but sadly she had passed away just before he deployed.   We have sent him a quilt that I hope does justice to his mother’s memory and he was thrilled to receive a laundry bag as well. 

One of the sad facts when dealing with a death in the family, as many of us will be aware, is that you have to dispose of or find homes for your loved ones belongings. One of the items that needs to be sold is his mother’s Gammill quilting machine. 

As the family has no knowledge of such things the dealer has been kind enough to take the machine and try and sell it.  This is the information that they have provided. 

“Gammill Optimum Statler Stitcher complete with 14ft professional pivot access table, all included accessories included PC and Gammill motion controls including MOD G controller with Creative Studio software and hundreds of patterns included. Purchased in July 2009, this machine has been diligently serviced and maintained.”

More information can be found here

If any of you are interested the you can contact  ri**@el***************.au  from Elizabeth Machines in Melbourne.

Please don’t suggest that Aussie Heroes buy it as I can’t afford it and have no room for it anyway.

Please feel free to share or pass this information on. It would be nice if we could help this family find a home for something that I am sure their mother loved to use.

Cheers for now

Jan-Maree xx

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