Fred Smith, Guarding the Home Front and BZ Charleville.

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27 April 2015

G’day all.  Today has been a really busy day with a huge request list out and lots of new quilters interested.  We are still trying to enter all the names that we collected whilst in Melbourne for the Australian Quilt Convention so please bear with us if you have not received the request list. If you cannot wait just send me an email and I will forward the request list to you.

In the mean time I have a special offer at the Casula Powerhouse Museum to tell you about. Some of you will have heard about Fred Smith.  He is sometimes known of as the singing Diplomat.  

Fred Smith presents songs from the acclaimed album Dust of Uruzgan in a show complemented by a stunning series of projected photographs from Afghanistan. Spending two years working as a tribal and political advisor alongside Australian Forces in Uruzgan Province, Smith wrote a collection of songs from his experiences, playing concerts on the Multinational Base in Tarin Kowt where his music became legendary.
Soldiers who served in Afghanistan have known about Fred’s music for a while now from his performances at Poppies or outside GreenBeans coffeeshop on stages made out of packing crates with soldiers playing various instruments including drum kits made out of 82mm round boxes.

I am looking forward to seeing him and hearing more of his music. We, Aussie Heroes, have been offered a special discount because of what we do – how lovely is that!!!

Fred is performing on Thursday 30 April 11 and and 2pm and also on Friday 1 May at 8pm.  

Tickets are normally $19 but Aussie Heroes followers have been offered a special deal for Friday the 1st of May of $15 tickets for the concert and a $15 dinner consisting of Roast Beef or Stuffed Mushroom served with roasted seasonal vegetables.   
If you wish to take advantage of the special deal you need to book before Thursday for catering purposes.  

You need to use the Code word “Aussie Hero Quilts”

I am going – hope to see you there!

Aussie Heroes has also been asked to be present at the Home Front :Welfare of Military Families, an event which addresses the importance of understanding the issues faced by returning service people and their families and methods and services which can assist in the short and long term adjustment periods.   This will also be presented at the Casula Powerhouse Museum.

It is sponsored by Defence Health

There will be information stands featuring the following organisations:

Australian Families of the Military Research & Support Foundation Ltd

Department of Veterans’ Affairs
The Partners of Veterans Association

More information available here

Feel free to come by and say hello.

And finally a really good news story.  

Well done to the town of Charleville 

in south western Queensland, 683 kilometres west of Brisbane.

Dozens of modern day war veterans and peacekeepers who went to Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor will have their names placed on the war memorial in Charleville, in an effort to make sure their service is never forgotten.

What is more important to me is that they know, without a doubt,that their service is appreciated now.

How proud must they feel? Actually I know how proud as these first two are friends of mine. 
What a wonderful tribute to a serving member to be recognised in your own home town.  There should be so much more of this.

For more info and to read the whole article click here 

Till next time…………….keep spreading the word and happy stitching.
Jan-Maree  xx

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    HI Jan-Maree, wonderful story. Thank you as always for sharing 🙂 Cheers, Jen


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