February Block of the Month – 9 Patch Revisited

Written by AHQ

2 February 2015

This month I thought we go and revisit a simple but effective block.  The Nine Patch Block.
You will need to choose two fabrics to make your block, one solid and one patterned.  We’d love Australian themed, novelty, spots, sports…. something fun for your patterned fabric.  Please remember as usual we don’t need anything too girly… gender neutral and male subjects are perfect.  NO PINKS PLEASE !!
Of course we do have girls that request quilts, but we have so many girly options already we like to try to build up the blokey coloured quilts..  I hope you all understand.  If you would particularly would like to make a girly quilt, ask Jan-Maree if she has any female requests that need completing.
So this is what your final block will look like.

You will need:
From your patterned fabric cut: four 3 1/2in squares
From your solid fabric cut: five 3 1/2in squares
Layout your squares into three rows of three squares, alternating from solid to patterned.

Stitch the three squares together in the first row using an accurate 1/4in seam. Then press your seams towards the solid fabric.

Stitch the three squares together in the second row in the same manner again pressing the seams towards the solid fabric.

Stitch the final three squares together in the third row as before pressing the seams towards the solid fabric.
Layout the three rows again in the correct order. Sew the first and second rows together locking the seams together at the intersections.

Join the third row in the same way then press the two seams in the one direction.

That’s it all done.

I hope you enjoy making this block. I think we will be able to make some wonderful scrappy quilts with lots of different blocks made from your stashes.
Send the completed blocks to me
Caroline Gunn
PO Box 3079
Til next time happy stitching.

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