Fallen Warrior Quilts.

Written by AHQ

18 June 2015

I think all the quilts we make are special but perhaps, the quilts we make to honour our Fallen are special in a different way.  

In the middle of 2012 we started to make Fallen Warrior Quilts for the families of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice whilst deployed.  The first one was delivered to the family of one of our 41 Fallen Warriors in September 2012. Since then 26 Fallen Warrior Quilts have been handed to other families.

In the beginning our Fallen Warrior Quilts were made from Block of the Month Quilt tops.  Eventually, in honour of Remembrance Day in 2013 we came up with the poppy block and blocks were sent in from all over Australia.  Most of the quilts you will see below have been made from these blocks from contributors around the country but a few of the quilts have been made by groups or individuals. 

This family received one last week and called me to say thank you.  They said it made them feel on top of the world to know that we cared and were recognising their son and his sacrifice.  That made me feel pretty good about what we do.

These next quilts were handed to one of the Army Chaplains just before ANZAC Day and they have been sent to familes of the Fallen since then.  I have had feedback from two of the families that the quilts were very gratefully received and very much appreciated.


Another quilt headed off to a family on Tuesday but I won’t publish the photo in case they have not received it yet.

There are still fifteen families of Fallen Warriors who have not yet received a quilt from us.  I would very much like the last fifteen families to receive a quilt and for them to know that we remember and appreciate the service of their loved ones.  

I am aware that there are one or two other organisations out there who present quilts to the families of the Fallen as well.  I think that is great. If a family has lost a son then receiving a quilt from one or two different organisations just tells then that a broader spectrum of the community cares. I think that is important.   A quilt is really not much in comparison to a life.

I am taking steps to find out if the other families would like one of our Fallen Warrior Quilts but it is a sensitive process as I do not want to add to a family’s pain by forcing something on them that they may not want.  The quilt that left this week was arranged by friends of the family, who actually happen to be new quilters with Aussie Heroes. I was so pleased they approached me.  

If you happen to know one of the families that has not received one of our quilts please feel free to PM me or send me an email.  It is quite ok for a family to contact me directly if they are comfortable to do so.  You would not be the first. 

They may be gone, but they will never be forgotten.

Til next time………………………………….Lest we forget.

Jan-Maree xx

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