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Written by ahq_admin

20 February 2017

Recently I noticed some awesome ANZAC Themed shirts and I was interested to read that the man behind the company, Marty Cornish, that is producing them is a veteran. Not only that but part of the proceeds from sales of this range go to Legacy for the month of April 17 so that is two reason why I thought I would share these with you.  

This is a little info about the founder if you are interested.

“After discharging from the Australian Defence Force in 2014, DSA’s founder, Marty Cornish received numerous request from mates still serving in the ADF looking for some help with custom P.T gear.
Now less than two years later we’ve become the number one supplier to the Army and stand by our mission to serve the Australian Defence Force with high performance sporting apparel, eliminating all hassle enabling members to focus on mission critical tasks.”

Check out on their website (link below) but these three are my favourites.  

I think these are really lovely and if you like them too you can check out these ones and the rest of the range here  If you have any questions please contact the company direct.   They have a Facebook page which you can find here

Oh and by the way.. I have already suggested that they need RAAF and RAN versions as well but if you agree with me it can’t hurt to let them know.  

Till next time…. keep spreading the word and happy stitching!


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