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8 February 2016

Gail and I spent a good part of yesterday at the Casula Power House representing Aussie Heroes.  I asked Gail to write it up so you hear from someone else other than me for a change…

“If you want to see someone’s face light up with pride and happiness, talk to a recipient about their quilt or laundry bag!

I accompanied Jan-Maree to the Casula Powerhouse Centre today for a Defence Community Organisation welcome event and was humbled by the number of recipients who were only too happy to come and say how much their quilt and/or laundry bag meant to them, and to thank Aussie Hero Quilts as a group for what we do.

(Believe it or not, Jan-Maree remembers most of the names of the recipients and the quilts and laundry bags they have received! Considering the number of quilts and laundry bags that have been sent over the last 4 years, that is quite remarkable.)

We also spoke to some who had deployed in the past, in the days before Aussie Hero Quilts, and were quite envious that they didn’t have the same opportunity to have been given a quilt or laundry bag.   

Some partners of currently deployed and soon-to be deployed personnel had not heard of us, so we were happy to enlighten them. Jan-Maree will be getting a few more requests!
We spoke to members of the public and of other organisations who were in attendance and I hope we may have a few new sewers soon.

All in all, it was a great opportunity to make ourselves better-known to other support organisations as well as to the defence families based in the local area.”
A big thanks to Gail for giving up her Sunday to come along and help me out.  There were lots of organisations there and I did not have time to get around to see all of them.   Sitting opposite me was one of our chaplain’s wives promoting the AMWC… the Australian Military Wives Choir.  Some of the wives that read this page might want to look them up. If you need a contact let me know.

The team from Soldiers Songs and Voices were there too. This is a group that is just getting started in Australia and I wish them lots of success. They are a creative arts for recovery program that provides free songwriting and workshops to veterans as a form of post conflict care.

I also met these two lovely ladies.  I went to talk to them about getting my medals mounted and they surprised me by knowing who I was and what I wanted as they follow this Facebook page and have a friend who has received a quilt and laundry bag from us.  

As Gail said it was a great opportunity to get out and see what is available in the local community for defence families.   If you see one coming up in your area I suggest to get along… there were lots of freebies for the kids as well as other activities so the whole family could have a bit of fun whilst finding out about organisations they might not have known about in the past.
You can find out more about DCO and their events here

Till next time…………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching
Jan-Maree xx

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