Christmas Dinner Laundry Bag Challenge

Written by AHQ

26 January 2015

Hi all…….

Well I hope you all had a great Australia Day however and wherever you spent it.  I worked this morning but am taking tonight off to go with a friend to see “American Sniper”. Tissues are already packed in the bag as I have been warned I am likely to need them.  

I have at last found time to share the pic of the wonderful laundry bags that were made for the Christmas Dinner Challenge back in early December. Sorry that it has taken so long and I must also apologise that I do not have photos of the prizes awarded.  Tamsin from Berrima Patchwork was generous and donated a bag full of goodies that was collected by Joan and Robin.  To expedite things on the night, Joan and I discussed what bits and pieces should go in the first, second and third prize packs and Joan wrapped them all up so that they looked great for presentation.  I just never got a chance to take a photo of them on the night as I was so busy.  

Chaplain Murray Lund, who had been our chaplain on HMAS Melbourne for the first half of their deployment, was kind enough (brave enough) to judge the three top laundry bags which shall be revealed at the end.

First let me show you the bags themselves and let me apologise for taking so long to do so.  What an awesome selection we have too.

Barbara H






I am sorry but this one was given away to a worthy recipient and I am afraid that the name of the maker was not recorded for me – help, if you made it please let me know.


Margaret C

Now to the winners. The following three were judged by Chaplain Lund to be the three winners and each received a bag of goodies from Tamsin of Berrima Patchwork. 

Robin created this one which also features an Aussie flag on the reverse


Sue Mahoney created this awesome double sided one

These are all destined this week to head off to Afghanistan and most likely to some of the guys and girls of the newest arrivals as part of the Force Protection Element.

Till next time…………………keep spreading the word and happy stitching! 

Jan-Maree  xx

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  1. Jeann of Melton

    What a fabulous variety of Australiana. Well done to all the makers.


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