Centenary Quilt Update… and A Slice of a Quilter’s Life – Anne H and Debra S

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26 March 2015

Woo Hoo!

Time for another update on the travels of the Centenary Quilt!

The Quilt has been very busy. I was previously advised that it had been on HMAS Success and it flew over Iraq in an E-7.   The next day it flew over Iraq in a KC30 tanker. A few days later it was photographed from the KC30, whilst held up in the back of a Super Hornet, with a Classic Hornet in the background. It is a great shot. The Quilt is currently touring another country and it will be part of four more missions.

Stay tuned for the next update!

Now on with a Slice of a Quilter’s Life….

A few words on this quilter’s life from Anne H

Retiring meant now having the time(if one is lucky) to enjoy and learn some new skills such as quilting. Having sewn  for both my children when they were growing up and then the grandchildren  learning to quilt was a “for me craft”. Starting with quilts for children, grandchildren  and then of course the poor unsuspecting friends.

Aussie  Hero Quilts gave me that outlet I needed the chance to use up that ever increasing stash, let one dear husband know the next crop of quilts were going to a very good cause close to both our hearts the ADF.( not in the spare room cupboard).

A normal day will start with the compulsory  walking of the spoilt pooch first thing after breakfast. The never ending washing ,ironing  cooking and cleaning one finds to do.Then fingers crossed away to the sewing room, that is, of course, if there are no appointments,no community  drives, no visitors or the need to be a helping hand outside. With luck one may have an hour or two to sew.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings are made for basting and pinning (dinning room table is just the right size) as the gym has called one husband for a few hours so one is free to pin to their heart’s content. The writing of  a note to go with the quilt is also done then – free computer and printer .

Thursday is the sewing group day, bindings may be sewn in between lots of talking laughing and eating of the home made scones.  So with lots of luck one may get those few hours of sewing in a day. But like all good plans of mice, men and quilter’s  the phone rings, some one is knocking on the door or that ever loving husband needs to know if you have a spare minute. lol.

But the quilts are always made  and sent off in time and as long as it helps to brighten up one young ADF member’s room and let them know we care that’s all the thanks we need
So this older -not so much of the grey  – Aussie is very happy  to continue to find those few hours where she can  to make quilts for our guys and  girls serving overseas
Boy this ended up a bit of a mouthful but hope it will be OK

Anne H.

and now on to Debra S 

I am a not quite 40 year old mum of 2 school age boys.  My regular day revolves around school time & post school activities.  We live in a country town in Western Queensland.  This gives us the advantage of little or no travel time in our day to day life (not so for holidays) which means I have more time to sew.

My day starts with all the pre-school day crazies including supervising reading, saxophone & clarinet practice & breakfast.

Once the boys are at school, I am off to one of my 2 jobs.  That usually keeps me occupied until lunch time.  Then I am either at school doing class help or other volunteer work.  If I am able to be home I try to get some sewing done.  Sometimes that is Aussie Heroes sewing, sometimes it is for some local deadlines and sometimes it is for my small handmade business.   3pm sees school finish and the afternoon schedule begin.  Homework, band, gymnastics, etc.

 I sew when I can.  In 3 years I have made 18 quilts and matching laundry bags.  That averages 1 every two months. When I say it like that, it doesn’t seem like much, but as Aussie Heroes is one facet of my life that is not too bad. 

 I machine sew in fits and starts as time allows.  That is a benefit of having a space that is permanently set up to sew.  I hand sew while I am out at the boys’ events.   I tend to work on two Aussie Hero Quilts at once.  I have no idea why, it just seems to happen that way.

Aussie Hero Quilts are a full family event for us.  We all have input and I am definitely told if the quilt is ‘blokey’ enough to be sent.



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  1. Sue Niven

    Lovely stuff! I love reading about fellow Aussie Hero makers.

  2. Sue SA

    Not much one can say but WOW! Well done ladies. I am off to pull up my socks and knock out a few more quilts!


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