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28 September 2017

The lovely ladies from the Bundaberg Quilters sent us a batch of quilt tops  in recent months but with the special projects we have been working on and now the organisation for the dinner, it has taken me a while to get around to writing this up.

This is just a sample of their lovely work.  Huge thanks to all the ladies involved. Your support is much appreciated.


Nimble fingers have been providing warmth to our serviceman and women who risk their lives to fight for our country, and now quilters from Bundaberg have joined in.
Aussie Hero Quilts and Laundry Bags was started by NSW-based quilter Jan-Maree Ball as a way to thank our Defence forces for their selfless service and the call has been heard in Bundaberg.
Bundaberg Quilters’ Carol Ann Ferguson said in a single day the group of 27 produced 15 quilt tops and had another five almost finished as part of the Aussie Hero Quilts event.
“It was a fun day for a good cause,” she said.
“We thought we would join in and help too because we like to have community involvement at all levels.
“It’s significant because so often Defence personnel go and they feel forgotten.
“We get fabulous emails from the men and women when they get their quilts and laundry bags – it seems like a small thing but they really love them.”
She said the group received requests for favourite football teams, colours and more.
“We send quilts off when there are bush fires, when there are floods, when people are left homeless and those situations.
“We became aware of this (Aussie Hero Quilts) because Jan-Maree had a lot of these quilts stored in her house to be sent off and there was a fine in her house and over a thousand quilts were destroyed,” she said.
“So a call went out that we needed to build up our supply of quilts and that’s why we were pushed a little bit more.
“We though if we do some here that will contribute to the accumulation of quilts that can be sent over to them.
“Sometimes the soldiers or the sailors, when they send in their requests, say ‘don’t send it to me, but I’d really like it sent to my wife at home’.

“So it really does mean a lot to them – we were surprised by how much it does.”

Huge thanks to all the ladies from the Bundaberg Quilters! 

Till next time… keep spreading the word and happy stitching!

Jan-Maree  xx

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