BOM – March – Two Blocks from One

Written by AHQ

3 March 2014

Hi everyone, Caroline here.  This Block of the Month I have called  “Two Blocks from One”.  So as it sounds we are going to get two different blocks from what looks like 1 block.  11 lines of stitching to be exact.  Simple right.  Here are the 2 blocks we will be making.  Square in a Square… and a Pinwheel.

Firstly you will need 1 large 8 & 1/2 inch square (Colour 1), then also 4 small  4 & 3/4 inch squares (Colour 2).

Next take all of your smaller blocks and mark them on the diagonal with a frixon pen or marking chalk.  Then again 1/2″ to one side from this diagonal line.

Step 1.Pin one of the marked blocks to one corner of your Colour 1 block.

Step 2. Sew along both marked lines.
Step 3. Once you have sewn the lines you need to trim off the corner by cutting in between the lines leaving 1/4 ” seam on each side.

Step 4. Press the seam on the large block towards the small triangle (in this case the light), and then press the seam towards the dark triangle (in this case) on the smaller block

Continue with Step 1 through to Step 4 for all four corners.

Once all four corners are sewn and trimmed and pressed your block 1 should look like this.  The block should measure 8 & 1/2 inches square.
Next take your four half square triangles and arrange them as shown below. Trim them to measure 4 inch square each.  Sew the top 2 squares together, then the bottom 2 squares together.

Press the seams in opposite directions as below. then sew the top 2 to the bottom 2.  Press this final seam open so it will sit flat.

Trim to block to a finished size of 7 & 1/2 inch square.  Then your Block 2 is finished.

That’s it.  2 blocks done and dusted.  (PDF Version available by clicking HERE)  So when you’ve done all you’d like to contribute send them off to me :
Caroline Gunn
PO Box 3079

A small request from Jan-Maree
Please no pinks, florals or girly fabrics.  We get enough girly quilt tops and quilts to cover those that we need.  It is really useful if the block we get from the BOMs can be put together into quilt tops for blokes.  Please.  
Ok so while I have your attention I want to talk about a plan I have for the BOM for May.  I thought it would be nice to revisit a BOM we have previously done “the String block”, but this time it would be great to use the selvedge from our fabrics.  Do you save yours? If you don’t you might want to start collecting them so you can join in for the May BOM.  Below is a picture I have taken of some of the selvedges I have kept from some of my fabrics.  If you are going to save them to use, it’s good to cut about 1/2″ past the white edge to include some colour, but you can work with a smaller edge of fabric if this is how you have cut them.  You decide what width of strip you are happy to work with.   It’s also fun to find the selvedges with the name of the fabric and the numbers.  If you don’t have any and would like to do a block let us know and we will get some sent to you to use.

Ok so that’s it for now.
Happy Stitching

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  1. Sue Niven

    Love it! Both the blocks and the idea! I will get cracking on both!

  2. Susan

    That sounds manageable enough – clever idea.

  3. Beeshebags

    I personally don't like using my selvedges, however I do save them, so if anyone would like some….I'm happy to send them some of mine….email me if you want them….first in best dressed!



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